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Great advice

I read on here yesterday (can't find the post) about running without music etc. I thought that was mad and I wouldn't be able to run without the music to keep me going. How wrong i was! I ran my fastest 5 k yesterday in 31 mins 41 secs but was totally running on entry to hit exactly 5k. Knew I needed to run today as will be busy early next week so decided maybe I'd just have a slow run out and maybe do 2.5k. BUT just had my best run EVER! I had no music on and put run keeper on silent. I took a different route at Newmillerdam and ran up into the woods and up and down the hilly paths instead of on the flat paths. It was amazing and felt so energised. Even had enough left to do an extra 0.5 k. Managed 5.5k in 38 mins 42seconds. I knew I'd had a good work out and was defo in the zone! Thank you to those who suggested the no music approach! It so helped me!

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That sounds like a really good run....I only ever have one earphone in when I run....but I may give a no music run a try. Perhaps when I do a parkrun. How great to able to run further that you thought you would. Don't you just love this running thing :0)


I mostly run without music but for a change I plugged in my walkman and off I went. A change is as good as a rest they say. Running new routes is very energising. Change them often!

Glad you enjoyed yourself. That's the name of the game


Wow! Amazing!! Well done you!! My headphones died on me one run and that was the longest worst run ever!!! Treadmill though. Was sooooo bored!! Still waiting to venture outdoors. Maybe I will give the no music approach a go!!!


I can understand the monotony of a treadmill would require music to keep going. I am thinking of getting one though for winter work nights when I move just to keep me going. I love outdoor runner x


Great work, I always run without music, just let my mind wander and enjoy! Glad you enjoyed!

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