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How can I get my 5k under 30minutes?

Been running for a while. Done several Parkruns but I have only managed to get under the 30 min once or twice and not recently. I've done the stamina podcasts and can do 10k in just over an hour but would like to nail my Parkrun under 30 mins on a regular basis. Any tips

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Have you tried 'Speed'? I definitely got a bit quicker when I was doing one 'Stamina', one 'Speed' and one easy pace run per week. Good luck! :-)


Thanks. The stamina helped me slow down to get to a 10k- if that makes sense! However I am not seeing the same impact from Speed.


"Speed" podcast made a huge difference for me too

How do you pace yourself during a run? I use a Garmin watch for outdoors runs so am always calculating finishing times in my head! The Garmin will tell you your pace during each km so you'll know you are on track (or otherwise ;-) )


I have a Garmin but I don't think I am using it to it's full potential to help me. Maybe that's the direction I need to look.



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