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What the...? 5k, 30minutes......never!

Yes, drum roll please... With two runs to go until graduation I managed 5k in 30 mins. Can't believe it.

I'd like to thank my coach, my manager..... No ;). Thank you so much all the c25k community for being such fantastic support, encouragement and inspiration. What a journey! I doff my cap and bow my head to you all.

Shan't do a gwyny but, couldn't have done it without you all :_^)


P.s better get on with those last 2 runs. I can feel a badge a comin.

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Awesome! Such amazing time as well! Only a few more runs to becoming an official Graduate!!! Gayle


Thanks Gayle, I am very excited about getting the badge! Tricia x


Congratulations Tricia! Great time!


Yes, well done!!!! I am going on my first post graduate run this morning, if the rain would let up a bit! You have done so well. To get to 5k! I run for 30 minutes, but haven't got to the golden 5k yet. Hope you get your badge. I wrote to jr21 about mine, but have heard nothing. Bring on your last two runs!!!! Go for it!!


Wow, what a great time! Well done, Tricia. Shiny green badge in the bag! :)


Thanks all. I'm going to get the last two runs under my belt and hopefully on Thursday I can request my badge!


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