Couch to 5K

Week 5 run 3.... fail :'(

Well that went well.... not.

Just felt too hard. Laura said I'd done 5 mins. I thought I'd done 10 hours. Laura said I'd done ten minutes. I felt like it was two weeks.... so I walked the rest... when Laura said there was only two minutes to go I turned her off.

Will try again tomorrow given that I barely ran at all.... but Laura will stay at home and I'll use my own music. Off to drown my sorrows in wine and be very disappointed in myself at failing.

Sulk sulk.

This will not beat me.

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That's right, don't give up! Everyone has rubbish runs. I've been tempted to bin my running shoes on more than one occasion! Next time will be better :) Just take it at a steady pace and trust your legs, they'll get you there.


We all have bad days! Have a good rest and the next time you will be better and I am sure you will be able to do it! :)


Even a bad run is good for you. You can do it again. Or repeat the previous run and give it another go after that?

Either way, good luck and enjoy the wine. :-)


Thank you all. I think for the longer runs where I don't really need Laura I'll probably be better off without her telling me how much I've done / have to go... simply because I'm anticipating her talking to me. I can happily dance round thekitchen singing to myself with the radio on because it's music I know... so I think I need to do this for the long runs (not the dancing bit obviously....) xxxx


You didn't fail Snowgoose, failure is not getting off the couch. You gave it a good shot, it was not to be and we all have had days like that when nothing feels right. Put it behind you and put your positive pants on tomorrow. Relax and get into your comfortable stride and don't try going too fast too soon. You can do it and you will.


Don't give up! It was only one run and you still did 10 minutes! Everybody has bad runs at some point. I normally run 40/50 mins at a time and didn't get past 7 minutes earlier! Next time you go out just think positive thoughts, you can do it :)


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