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4500 women, 5km, 35 minutes

On the day I was supposed to do run 2 of week 7 I did my Race for Life instead. It took only 35 minutes to do the full 5km and I felt like I could do a couple more (I was expecting 40 to 45 minutes).

On my first blogpost here, LMS2110 advised me not to overdo the training, as the excitement of the day would help crossing the finish line. I kept that in mind the all time training (and especially the night before) and it was true. The race was amazing, I even managed to click a couple of photos on the run and I was happy to keep going at my slow and steady pace (or so I thought). Despite taking my headphones along and having Laura on hold (another advice I read in the blog) I didn't feel like listening to her. It was great!

I may have not run that fast, compared to other joggers and runners, but it was a definite achievement for me. I am now looking to reach week 9 run 3 doing 5km in 30 minutes, as I feel I can push it that little bit more.

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Woooohoooo woooopppeeeee, Amazing you! CONGRATULATIONS! It's all gonna be downhill for the C25K challenge now. Keep smiling and keep enjoying your success and achievements! Cheers, Linda x


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