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OMG - My first 5km!

Been struggling this week with the final preparations for my 5km Race for Life on Sunday. Was meant to run Monday morning but couldn't sleep the night before and felt rubbish so delayed it until Tuesday. Then only managed 25 minutes as I felt awful. Turns out there's a bug going round at work. Felt dizzy yesterday and so tried this morning for my last run before Sunday.

Started with the C25K Stepping Stones and only managed half of it before swapping to some of my own music so I could slow down a bit. (Not good!)

Finished 30 minutes (or so I thought) but wasn't sure about the times as I'm not exactly sure when I swapped over.

However, just measured the run on the Good Run Guide site (twice to make sure) and it's 5.49km! My first 5km!

Yippee! :-)

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Well done! - So now you know that you can do 5k without even noticing so Sunday should be no trouble!

Ideally you would have a slightly lighter week running up to your race so you have lots of energy for Sunday, but it's good to know that you can handle the distance so well. Might be a good plan to take it really easy between now and the race, however.

Good luck for your race!


Resting all the way now. :-)


Well done. Have a rest and let us know how you get on on Sunday.


Thanks. Will do.


Update: Race for life 5km completed today! :-)

(About 36 minutes - can't be bad.)

Park run next!


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