Having completed the 3rd RUN of WEEK 5 last friday, I stupidly decided to ignore my body's request for an extra days rest and "tooled up" to go out this morning for my first WEEK 6 run. Shorts on - CHECK, trainers laced - CHECK, running shirt on - CHECK, Laura primed and Endomondo ready - CHECK!

The sun shone warmly and the River Thames looked very serene. A couple of rowers from Twickenham rowing club whizzed passed on their two man boat. Laura spoke in my headphones and alerted me to my 5 minute run - "Five minute run?" I thought. "Piece of ****! I did 20 minutes last friday!! "

I was wrong.

I picked up the pace a bit, in my reckless bravado, thinking that 5 minutes was just a teensy weensy QUARTER of what I ran last friday. A few hours passed as I huffed and puffed and Laura said "That's two and a half minutes" - TWO AND A HALF MINUTES???? Why am I feeling so knackered??? The 3 minute walk came eventually and was most welcome. I began to feel a bit pathetic, thinking that having conquered WEEK 5 with gusto, I was now taking a meek step backwards in my mindset.

THEN.....the 8 minute run. Laura said "Just cos you ran 20 mins last week, resist the temptation to go faster" (or words to that effect.) I took heed of what she said and relaxed back a bit and went at my usual slow and steady pace and still managed a 6'20 kilometre.

My 5K circuit took me 38'26 but 16 mins of that was walking, so I'm pretty pleased at that time - especially for an unfit, non runner like me!

The moral of this story is for all you WEEK SIXERS - Respect the program and don't get cocky like I did. Take 2 days rest after the 20 minute run. Otherwise you'll walk home with your tail between your legs.



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7 Replies

  • A lot of people find week 6 tough (myself included) so there's some good words of advice in that message for others :)

  • Understood!

  • I'm at the same place as you. Did W5 R3 on Friday and although I found it fairly tough I ran the full 20 mins

    This morning I did W6 R1 and founds it very hard!!. During the 8min run I misheard Laura and thought I was in the last minute whey before I was. I then convinced myself I had missed the start walking prompt so stopped running only then to be told I still had a minute left! The third run was tough with very sore calves but I kept going to the end

    Hopefully the rest of this week will be better

  • Haha, I shall bear your advice in mind should I ever reach week 6!

  • urgh I wish I had read this before my run just now. I went far too fast on the first 5 minutes! everything from there was painful..

  • I wish I had read this earlier too! Just ran W6R1 and have come on here to search for any comments relating to W6....couldn't believe how hard I found it! At least I am not the only one :-)

  • :D :D :D ... same here

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