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Week 8 run 2!

The sun was shining the wind was breezing and out we pottered. As we plodded around the field for the 2 1/2 circuits I tried to look at the view etc rather than my feet to help my neck and back, I tried to excercise my shoulders too (including some phoebe style windmilling!). I found it slightly harder than run one, but on getting home found old that, just as last week, we had gone a bit faster on day 2 than day 1! I managed the last 60 secs as a faster run but I did think I was going to die!!!

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Well done, keep at it and you'll soon be a graduate! Enjoy the view as you get there, don't push so hard on that last minute that you pass out though! :-)


well done, you sound like your making some steady progress. getting quicker throughout your weeks runs, :-)


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