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WEEK 8 RUN 2 with Mo!

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Well pleased to say got this under my belt this morning despite the drizzle but have to say it was far more a mental run than a physical one. I'd had enough after five minutes! I watched a programme on the lovely Mo Farah recently and he was saying that when he feels like that he just tells himself that 'it's got to be done' or he'll just have to come back and do it again the next day. Now I know I'm nowhere near Mo's league but every time I've thought about stopping I remember his words and think I'll have wasted those 5 or 10 minutes or so if I stop and it keeps me going :-) so far anyway! :-)

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Well done and a great tip from Mo too to keep going :-) One more and then on to the final week - yay!

Yes, that's a good tip from Mo. I know what you mean about w8r2, I was the same. I felt slightly better today on r3, but that might have been the novelty of running in drizzle - I've not done that before.

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Well done Bee !

That's a really good tip from Mo isn't it ? I often say to myself on my runs " Like it or not, I am not going home until Ive done what Ive got to do " It does work , because like he says , if not, you've only got to come back and do it again . Mightve as well get it done and dusted there and then :-)

Well done youre doing great, keep going ! :-) xxx

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Yes, I use that too. Plus routes that are not too close to home so I can't just cut it short and sneak back!

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I've started to say to myself that I'm not a quitter, I'm not a quitter, I'm not a quitter (I am, but in my running shoes I can't be) but I prefer your way!

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BeeladyGraduate in reply to LonelyWalker

I thought it was interesting that someone like him still has to challenge his own head despite all his athleticism and years of experience. It helps to know this mental struggle is as much a normal part of it as the physical one. Whatever works eh...well done.

I'm so glad I logged on and saw this post. I just did r2w8 and it was so hard. My heart just wasn't in it. But I did finish it so you're right, that's something! Glad I'm not alone.

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BeeladyGraduate in reply to zelly

Well done Zelly. It's hard when you are fighting yourself and trying to run eh but that's how I was and have been a few times. 'It's got to be done though' eh! I've decided to give myself a couple of days rest before run 3 to hopefully get my energy and enthusiasm up again :-)

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zelly in reply to Beelady

I just did w9r1 and today and w8r3 were so much better. It's definitely worth persevering.

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Well done for seeing it through, it can be tough. I tell myself that I still have to get the same distance home whether I finish the run or stop and walk so I might as well keep running! Does it for me. I also find that two days rest really helps things settle. Good luck with the rest of it. (ps: do you keep bees by any chance?)

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BeeladyGraduate in reply to pollyp1

Thanks pollyp1. Feeling a bit apprehensive about my run 3 tomorrow. Not sure why but fingers crossed. Yes I do keep bees. In fact spent all of today extracting their honey ready for jarring and labelling later in week. :-) Do you?

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pollyp1Graduate in reply to Beelady

Hope the weather's better for you today Beelady , it's really mucky here!I felt nervous before virtually every run, don't know why but I never thought of it as gremlins, just me! Yes we keep bees. My husband mainly but I do the extraction and jarring. Unfortunately we haven't had any honey this so it's good to know someone has!! It's a shame, I love the way the house smells when the extractor is going.

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