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W5 r3, feeling apprehensive


I did w5r2 last night, it was so tough and I'm not sure I'm ready for 20 minutes tomorrow. I've loved c25k and this wonderful forum but for the first time I'm just not feeling confident at all.

My foot has been numb at the end of my last 2 runs and my calfs hurt a lot. I'm going to try loosening my laces tomorrow in case they're affecting my circulation.

Does everyone feel this way? For me it seems more of a physical challenge than a mental one.

Maybe I'm just in need of a confidence boost :-\

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I'm at exactly the same stage as you. Did w5r2 last night!! Compared to few weeks ago I'm amazed at managing to run 8 minutes at a time when at the start I was struggling to do 90 seconds!!! Just keep focusing on the good bits!! I'm gonna skip a day and do my run3 on Monday as my knee was a bit tight after last run and don't want to overdo things!! I put a similar post to you on here earlier in week and everyone assured me that the 20 min run will just happen and won't be as bad as you imagine!! We'll see!! :)

Good luck!


You can do it!! Certainly worth having a go. I'd try re-lacing the shoes too- when we gave in and bought decent trainers, I was told 2 new things : push heels into back of shoes , do up laces evenly and tight enough but not too tight!


Thank you both of you, W5 is testing me physically and mentally! Tomorrow is daunting but I'm going to approach it with the aim of finishing, slow and steady...


I did 5.3 yesterday and amazingly, I found it very do-able. I was freaking out at the thought of a full 20 minute slog, but going slow and steady I managed it with some ease. I thought I would HAVE to stop and walk at some point, but I didn't! All you have to do it keep that slow steady jog - one foot in front of the other - and you'll do it.

The 8 minute thing you did will stand you in good stead cos your fitness levels will already be far better than they were 5 weeks ago!!

Go for it. Don't stop - just keep moving and you'll reach the end where a gigantic rush of endorphines will be waiting for you!!



:-) thanks!


Week five is a toughie, but you can do it. It's really a mental challenge. For me the first seven minutes were filled with doubt, I'd never run more than 10 minutes in my life and 20 minutes seemed a huge jump. Somewhere in the middle I stopped thinking and just feel into a rhythm of breathing in and out an kept those legs moving and suddenly I only had 5 minutes to go. I felt so strong in that moment and knew I could do it. It was the first time i've experienced andorphins and quite a surprise, really. I hope your run goes brilliantly.

I have also noticed the foot numbness and today was my first run with a different lacing technique. I think it helped some what, but I might need new shoes. Someone in the forum pointed me to this site for help and you might use it...

Best wishes


That's a good link thank you. I do have wide feet so could lace from half way and loosely. If I can solve the numb foot problem I think I'll feel happier and more up for the challenge!


You can do it! I did on Thursday and if I can then anyone can!!!

I started this program last year, got to week 7, then it got very cold, icy and snowed and I stopped. I popped out every so often when it was a little warmer (relatively) but by this spring, I needed to start over again. Surprised myself though and was able to start at week 3, which was amazing to think that I kept some of that fitness as I so so so struggled with W1 when I started this!!!

So, I did my 20 min run and loved it! You will too.

I'm off to do my first run of week 6 in a few mins - the posts on this forum say this is equally as hard. Can't remember if it was last year, but I know I didn't stop and I won't today!!

Good luck!


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