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W5 R3 - gremlins vanquished!


So I did it! I've not really suffered from the gremlins up to now, but my goodness I did for this one! Last night and early this morning I had the voices whispering 'what if you can't do it? What if you...', well I won't use the 'F word'.

So I set out at 6am with the gremlins still prodding me, my mind started exaggerating every niggle and ache so even as I head off, the fears are still there. Actually I picture just the one gremlin, a kind of gargoyle who sits on my shoulder and whispers negativity in my ears...

But off I went and at this point I know it's a bit clichéd, but I really did think of everyone's posts here and it help me keep going. Soon I was three quarters of the way through and even tried to smile at a chap who moved aside on the pavement for me, but I suspect what he saw was a rather sweaty grimace.

Slowly (very slowly) on then and as Michael Johnson announced there were only two minutes to go I seriously nearly cried with joy that I had done it, because I knew then that I would manage the 20 minutes and the gremlin was vanquished. I'm sure he'll reappear at some point but at least I know I can tackle him if I just keep putting one foot in front of the other.

So I did it. Bit of hip pain still but my legs are still attached and to be honest it's really just a dull ache which I'm sure will pass over tomorrow's rest day.

Onwards and upwards (no, not upwards - I hate hills) to week 6!

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Well done - great result. I'm embarking on week 5 on Friday having just finished week 4 today. Not sure I will even manage the 8 min runs next time and as for the 20mins - my mind is playing tricks too!! You must be so pleased to have done it 👍

LauraLiz in reply to SamMc1

Thanks - I was pretty pleased :)

You'll do it. I think it's hard for all of us to believe in ourselves sometimes but you will do it!!! Good luck for Friday


That run, in my mind, was the hardest, not physically but mentally! When I achieved that run I realised that I was a runner! I've just done w8r1 this morning and it felt great, I've signed up for my first park run which lands on my graduation run (double bonus) well done on the run, onwards and upwards!!!

LauraLiz in reply to Sillybilly1

Exactly - well done you too! I'll be doing Park Runs one day too :)

Row99 in reply to Sillybilly1

I have to do it on Sunday, dreading it but fingers crossed! Well done!

Well done LauraLiz. Great description of your battle with the Gremlin. Good triumphs over evil :)

LauraLiz in reply to 50up

Thanks :) long may good continue to triumph!

Well done...thats a great run to complete...20 mins woo hoo!😊😊😄

Thanks, it's definitely a psychological milestone!


Yay. Well done. I start week 5 on Sunday so a post like this helps me to quiet my own Gremlins. Good luck with week 6 👍🏻

LauraLiz in reply to Jomarie1979

Thanks and good luck you for week 5! You'll smash it I'm sure. Just try and ignore the negativity, it's hard but I'm sure you'll manage it! Happy running :)


Brilliant, well done. I bet that's the last you'll see of your gremlin - you might come across one of his friends at some point, but if you do spot him (or her), he'll be smaller and quieter I'm sure :)

LauraLiz in reply to linda9389

Those gremlins come in all shapes and sizes!!! But you're right, good point actually, he's hopefully be a smaller variety ;)


Such a fantastic feeling completing that run. Well done you 👍🏻👍🏻

LauraLiz in reply to Chris9R

Thanks so much!! I'm still feeling pleased a day later. Because I managed that run, I'm not so worried about the rest of them now :)

Well done to you...I'm only w1 r2 tomorrow....but I will think of you as I plod along.

LauraLiz in reply to Pawley74

Thanks so much and good luck for tomorrow! I'm sure you'll do fine :)

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