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Does anyone know about APT (Anterior Pelvic Tilt)?

A couple of friends had pointed out how I look when I stand (something i also felt) - my body does not look aligned with my butt jutting out, lower back arched more than normal which makes the front thrust out more and give me a permanent pregnant look. Found out that this condition is called APT and can be remedied in a month or two but using a foam roller and specific exercises. My back and hips have started hurting when I run and i wonder if this could also be a reason.

Has anyone heard of this? I would appreciate if so. Can a GP help?

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Another name for it may be lordosis. Wiki link is

It is linked to low back pain, pilates may help, plus physio or osteo/chiro depending which you prefer? GP might refer you, ask the receptionist which GP at your surgery has an interest in this type of problem, as GPS often have "favourite" conditions.


Yes, that pic in the link is how my body shape is. Thanks I will check with the GP


I'd say gp then physio or osteopath as they are medically trained. If its a condition a chiro (unregulated) could do more harm. This may sound a bit controversial and there may be some good ones but you need to know you are seeing a qualified person.


Thank you. I will go through the GP and see what he/she has to say. Like you mentioned, I did find chiros near my place but was not sure about the right way to approach


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