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Does anyone know about hills?

My kids have been on half term so exercise has been almost impossible. As a solution I thought that short busts might be a quick way to use my limited time effectively. (My Parkrun is quite hilly so I thought this might help).

I live on top of a hill. It is about 0.5 k from bottom to top.

I decided I just HAD to run up the hill. Twice.

I did this on Sunday. I did this on Tuesday. I did it today (Thursday).

Sun: 3.28. 3.20. Tues: 3.16. 3.24 Thurs: run one didn't register, 3.21.

Elevation gain 28 m.

I am feeling pretty marvelous. But am I being effective?????? Is this a good use of my time? I do feel nearly dead at the end of run 2, and the neighbours think I am crazy.

I have done a little reading and it looks like 90 second bursts are good. Will what I am doing help?

I am, I guess, looking to improve my Parkrun times - 5k on a hilly terrain.

I am not obsessed. No, not at all.

Thank you all in advance for your help and comments.

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wow...thats definately going to help, hill training is the best and I am sure it will bring your parkrun time down...well done you!!!

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Thank you - the science of running is interesting but daunting!


Yes, hills are brilliant (especially if you do repeats) and will make you go faster on the flat. But I think the general advice is only to do one session a week of hard hill sprints, as it can be pretty tough on the body. Still, if nothing's aching, and especially as you are short of time, I'd be tempted to keep on doing what you're doing.

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Thank you. Yes, usually I know when to stop when I feel it in my joints. But aching butt seems to have got better each time, and my ankles and hips are surviving.

Is 0.5k too long though?


Not too long I don't think, though you could try mixing up the sessions - run the full 0.5k slowly a few times, other days sprint up half the hill, walk down to recover, repeat until you feel sick... ;-)

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