Party on the injury couch... Or rather sofa, does anyone actually say couch?

Woohooo I am cleared to run :D

Chest is still perfectly clear, blood pressure is perfect, echo referral has been sent off. Doctor said its highly unlikely there is anything wrong with my heart cause I can run. She agrees with me its inflammation of the ribs causing me pain, have been signed off for another 7 days. But she said I had, had flu! Whatever the virus was they all agree it was nasty.

So orders are still resting at the mo and I have to be guided by my body when I pick exercise back up. I think I've gotten off really lightly if they all agree infection was nasty and possibly flu - obviously all this exercise and immune system boosting stuff I have been doing is working - go veggies (and smoothies that Mr Mouse thinks are weird cause I add porridge oats).

When I am better I will book a non urgent appointment with my normal doctor and discuss me doing a half marathon - I don't think there will be a problem beyond slowly slowly and maybe buying shares in kinesio tape.

Yes you read that right I want to do a half marathon and raise money for M.E. I know that a full marathon would be a step too far but I think a half is achievable and I want to be able to do something positivite, I also want other sick people to be encouraged that while running is not achievable for all I firmly believe there is an activity for everyone and if that activity is just a couple of minutes gentle stretching a day then that's better than just sitting on your arse and you are doing so much more positive to help your body.

Right back to my resting - I have all the fast and furious movies to get through :D

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11 Replies

  • Go Spoonie....

    Glad you're feeling better and hope you're back out running soon.

    Good luck with a half marathon - though I'd change how you phrase what you're raising money for - I assume you mean ME as in the condition rather than ME as in yourself ;)

  • Weeeeell raising money for me would be good then I could get my much longed for chickens, but yes I mean the Illness (i have added dots so it now reads M.E) :D

    This week will definitely be resting week and next week I might just start off with the rowing machine and pick up running the week after. Will have to look at how much time I have til my 10k MoRun - aim now is just to get round and it will be a bonus if I manage without walking.

  • excellent news Spoonie! and what a great idea to train for a half marathon, sure you will inspire plenty of people on the way! enjoy your movies for now............. :)

  • That's excellent news. M.E. is such a misunderstood illness, and anything you can do to raise awareness and funds is brilliant. Don't overdo it and end up on the sofa (settee?!) again though.

  • You are such an inspiration and aiming for a HM is just great challenge for you to contemplate. All the very best wishes for your training and your success on the day! Don't forget you need to be kind to yourself and get over that nasty illness first though!

    Happy running :) :) :)

  • So glad you are on the up :) The HM is a brilliant idea, but can you take Ferd with you?? He won't want to be left out!

  • Flu / virus really knock you for six spoonierunning. Glad dr is taking it serious Think you could be right that you trying to follow healthier lifestyle has helped you recover quicker. You are inspiration to others who have on going health issues and if dr says HM ok then good for you. Have you done a 10 k yet ? Cos that might be a good stepping stone You take care and hopefully you back out running soon

  • Oh and meant to say I call it couch much to my daughters amusement as they call it sofa Wonder if it's age thing or where you live??

  • Definitely sofa, but so glad you've had some good news and are starting to feel better. I think you can do a HM, half of this running malarkey is mind over matter so that's half the battle won already, as you say, slowly does it :)

  • Thank goodness it wasn't more serious ! I think it's great that you are thinking of doing a HM and a very good cause.

  • Glad your on the road to recovery!!

    That is such a great goal - good idea going to the doctors first and good luck with the training! Training then doing a HM is a massive achievement! Know we are all behind you 100%

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