Yippee I've done it

Wow I know we all say it but I really can't believe I've done it. Vie started other plans and even been to boot camp but never got past week 1 or 2 if I was lucky. But somehow I woke before 6 and got out of bed and ran. Ok slowly but I can run for 30 mins and walk at the end! My breathing is better and I don't think the ambulance needs to be called anymore! I hated some rums and was even slower. Ive hit the feedback button and can't wait for my badge and to keep going. I'm nervous about Laura leaving my side and not sure what to aim for next. Yippee and thanks for words of advice and for listening.

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  • Congratulations. It's amazing how this works time and again. Enjoy your success.

  • Congrats. I am on week 8 and also a very low runner...good to hear it is possible to finish the programme

  • Congrats. As I've just started its great to hear about your , and everyones, successes. It really makes me think I can do it. Whatever you aim for next, try to write it down as that has helped me loads. All the best

  • Thanks. Littlehelper I'll keep on blogging!

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