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Week 5 Run 2:- What a contrast!

Summer is back! Beautiful sunny day here, it almost felt easy cruising along for 8 minutes at a time. Starting to feel like I am making progress now, it seems hard to believe that less than six weeks ago I couldn't run a bath :) . Still a bit worried about my 20 min run to come on Sunday because my knee is a bit sore and I am getting sciatica a lot. Strangely enough the sciatica seems to come on after walking for a mile or so, it doesn't seem to affect my running, weird!

Going to dig my bike out and get that back on the road this afternoon. It seems exercise lark is addictive.


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well done!!!! im attempting W5R2 tonight so will see how it goes. im hoping those 8 minutes are as easy as you say they are!!! am hoping to do my run 3 either sun or mon so will see how it goes, i also am having a bit of knee pain though nothing awful. Just going to make sure i go relatively slow and take my rest days!! will see how it goes!

good luck!!


I am planning to do the dreaded 20 min run 3 on sunday morning, so hopefully my knee an back will hold out.

The 8 mins aren't too bad and theres only two of them. :)

hope it goes well for you too!


Well went better than I thought! Thinking run 3 may actually be possible now!! I'm gonna take the weekend off and let my body recover (and to let the sun morning hangover pass ) and gonna attempt run 3 on mon night after work....we'll see what happens !


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