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S'not fair

I'm starting to get grumpy people. I did my amazing run on Monday (W5R3) and that night I started brewing a cold, I've been suffering ever since.

I am going through a rainbow of snot colours and now decided to go get checked out by the doctor (don't want any bacterial infections on those lungs). The weather is positively awful and I wouldn't want to run even if I felt like it.

Oh, that just told me, why am I being so grumpy? I wouldn't want to go out to start week 6 in 10 degrees & rain anyway!!!!

Ah, I feel better now. :)

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Grumpy is good. Makes you feel better :-)

If it is any consolation I too have a snotty cold, but am pushing on.


getting older gives us a right to get grumpy. the good thing is getting off of your chest. All you need to do now is get the cold off of your chest and then enjoy week 6.

Happy running :-)


Aww thanks guys, makes me feel better :)


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