I woke up full of cold. I was so excited about trying out a new route on today's run but now I'm stuck at home, staring at my running shoes and feeling grumpy. It's quite a shift for someone who has only been running for a few weeks!

Does anyone have any advice about how long I should sit it out for? How "well" is "well enough" to go for a run? I'm feeling pretty horrendous so I definitely won't be up to it tomorrow.


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16 Replies

  • Sorry to hear you're feeling sick :( my advice with when to go out- let your body tell you. When you feel strong enough then off you go again, but this is definitely time to rest. Hope you feel better soon! X

  • Thanks! I'm so frustrated because it was going so well but I know that going out before I'm ready will probably set me back for longer. For now it's gonna be sleep, box sets and vitamin c!

  • If your cold is above the neck you can run.

  • Unfortunately, it seems to have extended below the neck! I'm no longer convinced it's just a cold. Good to know for future reference though!

  • I had a fluey cold at week 6 and took nearly a week off running. I was really fed up and worried as I was progressing well. When I felt well enough I wondered about going back a week but in the end just picked up where I left off without any issues. So don't worry too much you won't lose the fitness you have gained so far. In the meantime, take care of yourself 👨‍⚕️

  • Thank you! You've really reassured me. That was one of my biggest concerns, to be honest, along with the fact that I'm pretty stressed at the moment and the running was helping me to deal with it and get some sleep! I'm spending some of my sofa time finding beautiful places to run when I'm feeling better because I really don't want to lose motivation.

  • Just take care of yourself and if the next run is tricky you can always put it down as practice

  • Hi Gabby08, sorry to hear that you are unwell. It is such a disappointment when it keeps you from running. I was ill last week and took a week out during week 6.

    From past experience, it can be very bad to exercise when unwell, but knowing when you are well enough to start back can be tricky. I suppose if you can separate out the gremlins (normal negative thoughts) from the genuine illness, then you know when you are ready.

    If in doubt try exercising, but don't push it if you are really struggling.

    Sure you will be well enough soon. You'll be back to running in no time.

    Fat Runner Alert: Week 6 (last post):

  • That sounds like really sensible advice. I'm going to have to take the dog out anyway so a nice long "brisk walk" is inevitable (she has the strength of 1,000 bulls). I suppose once the walking feels fine, I'll try returning to running. If I'm out for more than a couple of days, I'll probably redo my last run to ease myself back in rather than tackling the next step.

  • I like it that we have to get out whether we want to or not. A dog is a really good fitness pal. Bless em!

  • She's dragged me round the airfield a couple of times today and I'm feeling much better (if a bit snotty!) so I reckon I might be on for a run tomorrow. Will see how I feel after a day at work though.

  • Ha ha, they shake things up a bit don't they! I walk my neighbours one and he is a big over-enthusiastic to say the least. At times I feel like I'm being catapulted. All you need if you're having an off-day. LOL

    I hope it goes ok tomorrow. Take a man-size hankie!

  • Hahaha, yep, that definitely sounds like mine! They're brilliant for getting you up and moving though. Long term, I'd like to be able to run with her.

    Thanks - I think I'll need it, along with plenty of caffeine 🙈

  • I came to the programme for the reason that I wanted to be able to run with the dog so I could do him justice and keep up with him, rather than keep hauling him back. A lady at WW class told me about the programme so once I started it I was hooked. I can outrun him now. He is a fauve basset, heavy set, short legged breed rather than a racing snake 😃 He's not mine mind you 😁

  • I have a 20-month-old German Shepherd and she can out run most high performance vehicles so I don't stand a chance 😂

  • I'm back in the game! Felt stronger than ever...well, I did until the five-minute coughing session at the end 🙄

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