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Fun run - first for a while

I read a blog the other day about running just for the fun of it and thought to myself, maybe I am taking it too seriously. Then another blog about running along an old railway line (thanks Juicyju)

So tonight I thought I would take a totally different route and ran from home to my mums house which is just over 5 miles away and asked my wife if she would pick me up.

I ran along a pathway by the river medway (no not the most picturesque but it's close), did not use my garmin and decided to just use runkeeper on my phone. I managed 8.3k in 57 minutes, but that was not important. I thoroughly enjoyed the run and did not feel at any point "is it time to stop yet".

I am doing a park run on Saturday which is why changed to doing a run tonight (rather than wednesday) and feel good for it. :-)

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Totally agree. I often say to myself when I start a run "just enjoy it, it doesn't matter it you don't reach 5k/30 mins". When the sun is out and the views are good, it's difficult to beat the feeling of running. Hope you keep on enjoying it.


Fantastic, that sounds perfect and you enjoyed it too which is just the best. We've started doing more runs where we get dropped off so it feels like you are aiming for something, I hate going there and back .Great stats too :)

Hope you enjoy the park run :)


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