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Running is fun - Words of Encouragement ❤️


Hello runners!

I thought I would check in with all of you amazing runners on the path to complete the C25K! It’s been just over a month since I completed the programme and I’ve just done my 16th Post Grad run today.

It fair to say that, I had a great time experimenting freely with different runs and distances after graduation. 🙌🏽🙌🏽 But then I had to give some thought to what was next after graduation. 🤔 It did get a bit confusing for a time for me, so I just continued to go out and do the 30 minutes while I considered whether I was feeling ready to go for the 10k programme.

Importantly, I have had so much fun doing this thing called running (that I never thought I could do!😁), more than anything I wanted to hold on to that. I laughed at myself a lot during the C25K programme and finding the humour has always just kept me going too! 😂 Now, don’t get me wrong, fun doesn’t mean it wasn’t difficult at times, it sure was, but completing each run is where that amazing feeling comes from. That continues after graduation too! So you’re in for even more treats!! 😁😁

I’m now on the Bridge to 10k, but I’m not starting a 10k programme just yet. I’m just building my stamina and speed on the 5k and when I’m feeling good during those runs, l’ll run on. I’ve realised that it is so important to make this your running journey and not get swept along to making it feel like a chore! I have found my balance and it feels just right for now!!

So, run and have fun! Every time you go out there no matter the challenges we face, you come back a better version of you!

Enjoy!! ❤️

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Hi Fabulous450, thanks for letting us know u are still running. I saw your holiday snap what a lovely place to have a run. Wow 19 run post grad is impressive to say the least.

I’m doing well starting week 6 next week.

I’ve come a long way in a short time if you get what I mean. C25K is brilliant programme, I’m really glad I’m doing it.

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You’re doing brilliantly MV! Keep smashing it! W6 watch out! Have fun! 😁❤️

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That is a fabulous post (pun intended!). I hope many under grads, and newbies read it as it will chime with so many. You know I've posted about my journey previously, and these posts are so important to give the lurkers/newbies or even the thinking ones encouragement that anyone truly can do it.

Yes, things will wobble at the start, and other bits will hurt on the first few mornings after, but all that goes away, and people find their own space, make it theirs and before they know it they've completed the journey. Sometimes the 'wilderness' weeks of consolidation can be daunting, but everything you have done and said has been in consideration to what you want to achieve, not to the beat of another drum, because others say its the way to go. And that is the message that is so important...….

Do what you want to do, whatever you feel comfortable doing and everything else is gravy!

I know what your goal is, but to many of us here who were on the C25K journey with you, you are already Fab.... you don't need to get there for 50!

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Aah thank you LL😍! I so appreciate your encouragement!

I have a vision in my mind that makes me look forward to saying I’m 50! 😂 There’s a beach and sunshine involved here, so let’s say that’s going to be even more Fabulous! ❤️


Top post, and absolutely right. We're in this for the long-haul - it's not just about C25K, or even 10k. It's about enjoyment. Without that we'll all be back on the couch within a few months, particularly when the weather begins to take a turn for the worse. Run for fun!

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Thank you Mike, I’m quite looking forward to the experience of winter runs too! And I might be heading for the treadmill, if necessary 😉. I don’t see myself stopping at all and that’s a great feeling all by itself. I’m definitely in for the long haul! 😁❤️


Joyful to read your post this morning thank you. The bit about laughing really chimed with me as I too was incredulous about what I was getting up to! Keep going everyone , "you've got the power!"

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We sure do Empem!! Thank you! 😁❤️


Excellent post . .So encouraging fab your a true inspiration for me and fellow runners newbies especially ..It's a great personal journey with ourself ..But great to have the encouragement from you and others ...It's great what we can achieve ..Your a great running buddy ..Keep up your good running posts 😊😊

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Aah thanks!! The feeling is mutual Myrar! I wouldn’t have achieved such a great outcome without sharing in everyone’s personal journey and receiving support. I’m glad to have so many great running buddies to keep encouraging and supporting too! 😍❤️


I like your style! At a steady pace forward. No stress and full enjoyment. This is what it's about. Turning us into run lovers! I honestly can't believe what's happening!!!

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Fantastic Mayanow!! And there’s more great experiences to come!! Keep going and have fun! 😁😁❤️

Great inspirational post Fabulous450

Bridge to 10k will be an exciting new challenge 😊 and happy times ahead x x


Thank you Christianne! Im certainly going to do my best to make it so. 😁😁❤️

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