11 months from starting, just managed 10k :)

I started c25k at the end of June last year, completed the program in the 9 weeks, it was a struggle but I did it, I kept on running but struggled a lot through the winter with out of control asthma and a horrible cold that lasted 2 months. I did the bupa great winter run 5k in January and since March I've been gradually increasing the distance. Went out tonight, took it steady and did 10k in 1 hour 1 min 40 seconds, so pleased with that. Just over a month until I'm due to do the great Edinburgh run, a 10k. Edinburgh is a hilly place, I need to practice those hills!!

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  • Congratulations, your first 10K feels like a great achievement, enjoy it :-)

  • Thank you, still smiling! If I manage to do it in Edinburgh I'll get a medal :-) woo hoo

  • Inspirational- I'm half way through couch to 5 k and finding it a struggle- so much want to do it though. Well done- 10 K must have been a distant unattainable dream a year ago and you've done it!

  • I struggled so much with running for a minute, click on my name and you can read my full journey. Since c25k I've managed to get 5 other people doing it and last weekend did week 6 run 1 with one of them, I feel like a proud mother hen! Got a text today to say he's just done week 6 run 3 :) Keep at the running, it gets easier, when I did c25k I didn't have enough breath to run and speak but now I can (sort of) chat away while running. Looking forward to getting my 2nd medal, I'd never have believed I could run to the end of the street nevermind running for an hour! Stick at it, if its getting difficult find a new place to run :) x

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