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I am 46 years old and on Monday I ran my first 10k in 1 hour and 6 mins. I only began running in October. I used the couch 2 5k to get me started and now I am addicted. I wanted to recommend the programme and encourage people to persist with it. Running is the most wonderful exercise it is everything u need mentally and physically to be healthy. My only advice is to listen to your body and stretch, stretch, stretch !!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Well done, that's a really good time for 10k. Was that the one in London? It looked a fabulous route and you got a great day for it. I ran 10k myself for the first time on Monday (just by myself) and it was so great. I love the feeling of freedom that running longer distances gives.

  • Thanx for your reply it was the bupa 10k and I agree the feeling of freedom is amazing keep running!!!!

  • Well done; that's a good time. I'm doing the Great Yorkshire Run 10K in September and really looking forward to it.

  • Good luck with that stay fit and healthy

  • I did that run too! It was such a good day - well organised and fantastic atmosphere.

    Well done - that's a great time.


  • It was the best atmosphere am going to do it again next year can't wait. What charity did u run for????

  • I ran for the MS Society and even wore the horrifically unflattering orange nylon vest they sent me! (I may fashion myself something for next time lol) Did you run for a charity?

    I am very tempted to sign up for next year as I got the priority invite email yesterday. I am currently pregnant and bump is due mid December, I can't decide whether a 10k run at the end of May will be good motivation or setting myself up for a bit of a fall. Then again, there were plenty walking the entire thing and it was so friendly I guess it shouldn't matter.

    It was my first ever run event and am so glad it was such a good one and the medals are great! (Marathon running friends are most jealous lol)


  • I ran for the heart foundation so I was in red!!!!!!!! Congratulations on your pregnancy that was great to run whilst pregnant not sure if I could have although I did carry on cycling. Can't advise u on whether to do next year u could always pull out if u feel u can't do it. It was my first run too such a massive buzz going out for a 5k tomorrow just to check I can still run although didn't have any after effects

  • Hi Danixmoss, that's really great, I'm at a stage now where I'm regularly running 5K and slowly improving my time - currently 33mins - down from 38!!..... I would be very keen to get your thoughts on the 5 to 10K progression - how did you approach this? cheers. T

  • That's a great time for 5k the best way to progress is slowly once I was comfortable at 5k I did 6k then 7k etc each week. I had only run 8k before i did the bupa 10k but my 8k time was 48 mins so I felt confident I could do 10 and I found it ok. Find your pace and listen to your body that's what I did.

  • Excellent, thanks very much. That's what I had in mind but always good to hear it from someone else!! Hopefully the pace wont drop off too much on the way . T

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