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Week One Run 2... pain in my calves & shins

I am on my first week, just completed run 2, when does the burning pain in my calves stop please? I'm sure this is normal but this is the only thing holding me back, i.managed to complete the session, but did have to pause twice to stretch! Is this juat my muscles getting used to running?

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Yes...but, you take notice of the aches and pains... warm up really , really well and stretch after every run...try, from this point on, to land lightly too.

A lot to think about, I know, but it will come:)


Have you checked out this post...loads of useful info here.. try these exercises too :)


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Brilliant thank you, i am stretching before and after every session.


Just take it gently then and if the pain persists try rolling... it can really help :)

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If you are stretching before your run, then they should be dynamic stretches, as indicated in the guide to the plan linked by Oldfloss


Are you running too fast on the run sections?

Remember it's just a slow jog, not full blown run.


I'm using a treadmill & running at 7.5 speed so not fast at all.


Slow means a pace at which you can maintain a conversation without gasping (though you don't say breathing is tough so perhaps it is ok for you) - it is relative to you, not the numbers on the treadmill / running tracker :) but if you can go slower and it helps those calves, why not :)

Got proper running shoes after gait analysis?

I hear the treadmills can be variable in their accuracy anyway.

Read the link from oldfloss, and good luck :) ! Importantly, enjoy, if you can :D


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