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Did the wrong run by mistake!

Just got back from what was SUPPOSED to be W5 r1 but turned out to be W5 r2! I accidentally played the wrong podcast (due to me fiddling with headphones and keys at the start)!! I only realised at the end when Laura told me to do r3 next!

I must admit I was surprised when she said was running twice for 8 minutes but I kind of just accepted it... No wonder it was the most difficult run yet, by a long way!

What a muppet!!! :-)

So now have the dilemma of whether to do W5 r2 again in 2 days or take the easy option and do r1? I suppose I should do r2 really...


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Or you could do run 3 twice..... :)


Uh, no way!!!

My legs hurt...


You've done run 2, so just do it again. Though if you are really in pain, backing off a bit would be a good idea.

(Week 5 next week for me...)


Thanks yes I think I will do run2 again. I ache slightly more than usual but no pain.


It would do R1 but only cos I would want to say I had done them all :-)


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