W5 Looming - Desperately Seeking Help & Advice Tips

Hi Guys .... Troublesome W4 finally completed - managed the 5 minute runs ok but thwarted by the technology that managed to record both R1 & R2 on the same day, so had to do a fourth to complete my progress record. Have now just run W5 programme and see why everyone dreads it. so, any advice you can offer to help me through this one would be gratefully received. See you n the other side (fingers crossed)


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  • It will be fine, and if you're using the podcasts then Laura is right. You CAN do it, because you've been conditioning yourself to be able to do that scary sounding 20 minute run all these weeks so far. It's all a mind game. Try not to dwell on it too much before you do it, and go slow and steady while you are and you'll get there 😀

  • When I first saw the 20 minute run scheduled I thought it was a mistake!

    Most of us fear and dread this run but the programme prepares you for it and you are ready. Each run you've done has strengthened your running legs and increased your stamina so take a big breath. Run very slowly, have a mental picture of how you'll feel at the end and relish that epicness!

  • Be positive 😊

    Go slowly 😊

    You will be able to do it..believe in yourself...

  • So true .... it's that pesky self-doubting demon on my shoulder that's the main problem! Thank you.

  • I've just done it! There was a bit of a hiatus for me between week 4 and 5, whilst I fought off a chest infection, but back in the rhythm now and comfortably finished week 5's dreaded 20 minutes at 5pm tonight. If you'd told me I could do that on 1st January, I'd have said you were deluded! I haven't run for 40 years...yes, 4 - 0, I had my knees operated on when I was 13 and have barely broken into a 5m trot since.

    Trust me, if I can make it, you can. The feeling of making it to the end, beats any of the difficulties in getting there. It's the first time I've really felt as if I was running and the best bit is that it makes me feel positive about what my old bones CAN do, instead of presuming I can't.


  • That's really encouraging, MotwCoop, thanks. I'm almost looking forward to it now. Will keep the posts going over the next 7days.

  • Just have the week 5, run 1 in mind, forget 2 and 3. Breathe well on the warm up walk and nice and slow, just plod. Relax your legs and breathe slowly and deeply. Tell yourself, if I'm still alive, I'm going to keep running! Imagine posting on here that you did week 5, run 1! How we will all celebrate with you!!

  • Thanks JoolieB1 - sounds like a sensible plan. I've avoided looking ahead until I reach each new week so far, but the three increasing periods of running in the same week had me spooked at first. I'll keep the posting going through W5 (if I'm alive) . I'll just grit my teeth & hang on in there. Cheers

  • Well, I was very unfit before doing C25K and sure I could never ever run for 20 minutes. But I did, week 1, 2, 3 and 4 had prepared me for a little bit more. Distance and speed do not count, just the time, so make it nice and steady!! Trust the programme!

  • It is probably no coincidence that Week 5 has lots and lots of posts! Yes it's a toughy, and you will doubt yourself. But listen to 'our Laura', she has faith in you! Listen to us, we have faith in you! I started at beginning of Jan, like everyone else, struggling to run for 60 secs and am now running 2 miles in 25 mins - not speedy, but carrying an extra 5 stone is a big burden to bear. You can do it - slow - steady - like a snail if you have to...xx

  • Thanks ANewMe2017 - you're an inspiration - I won't give up.

  • The first two runs of Week 5 are 15 and 16 minutes which is pretty much the same as Week 4 just set up differently so you know you can do these.

    Run 3 is only 4 minutes extra in total than the previous run. It is a big jump, don't get me wrong, but considering you've already stepped up from running 9 minutes total in week 3 to a total of 16 minutes in week 4, it's very doable!

    Go slow and steady - if you feel like you need to stop just slow down a bit more. Use any tactics you've learned in the last 5 weeks to keep those gremlins at bay. You can do it!

  • Thanks Melly4012 - have done R1 and wasn't too bad, I'll keep you posted

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