Week 5 repeat - WAY harder 2nd time round?


I completed week 5 last week all runs no probs (although the 20 mins was a killer)! so this week i was ready to repeat week 5 as suggested by the lovely Laura, but i could only manage the first 8min run and 4 mins of the 2nd!! what gives?

The only thing different was that i went out during the afternoon rather than my usual 6.30am run.

Off out tomorrow to do run W5 R2 again OR should i try W5 R1 for a 3rd time? is it just my mind playing tricks? Has anyone else suffered this?



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  • mind playing tricks...definately. Follow the programme and trust it. I can remember the same thing and struggling as to why I found it difficult. plod on and you will get there :)

  • Slightly confused as to why you were repeating week 5 as you had already completed it ? I know you can repeat a week or run if feel you need to . If you had said week 6 caught you out i would have said it does to a lot , especially after doing a 20min nonstop run and then going back to intervals again .... maybe it is the same except you have gone back to week 5 , so yeah i think it is the head gremlins

    It shouldnt matter when you do your runs but maybe the time change hasnt helped as we creatures of habit :D mark it down as a blip and move on Jay :D

  • when i completed week 5 Laura suggests that it may be a good idea to repeat the week as all the runs from then on are 20mins +

  • i must have missed that bit of lauras talk :D It is really upto you Jay , see how you feel and then decide but i would go on to week 6 , just go slow and steady dont go off too fast you will be just fine

  • Any particular reason why you are repeating week 5? There seems to be a general come-down effect after that 20 min run for some reason and I think that's why a lot of people get caught out with week 6. Personally I'd say go for run 2 (or maybe even start week 6?) as it's more than likely your mind playing tricks on you!

  • Doh! just listened to it again, if i didn't complete week 5 run 3!!!!

  • It's all in the head, dear boy! I'd move on to Week 6 if I were you.

  • Yep i'd move onto week 6. Its much harder running backwards than forwards!

  • Yep definitely move onto Week 6 ,

    Who dares Wins , Ollie :-D xxx

  • Yup, week 6! Kick those gremlins up the bum xx

  • Ok, did week 6 this morning and completed it :) back on track.

  • A llitle bit apres la guerre this as you're back on track but, if you'd carried on to week 6, you'd have been able to do your 10 mins of wk 6, r1 x 2 wouldn't you? Laura obviously does that for a reason.

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