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Wk4R1 Blimey, I can not-walk for five minutes

I feel it would be lying to say I can run for five minutes now - it's definitely jogging (slowly), but my goodness, I can do it! I went out in the morning for the second time, and I also changed my route to run down a trail which skirts playing fields and onto a riverside route. I was feeling tired at the start before I went out but once I was past the first 3min run, I really enjoyed it, despite the wind and temperatures. I have to say, in comparison to some of you I feel I've got off lightly as we don't actually have snow here. So I'm now into double figures with the number of runs I've done. I can feel the hurdle of a week Friday and wk5r3 looming larger and larger.

Having said that, I'm edging towards feeling a tiny little bit like a runner. I even had an authentic runner's experience too - I got "crotched" by a passing dog. Luckily it was a friendly Dalmatian and I'm not bothered by that type of dog. A Rottweiler on the other hand..... I managed to do today's run in the daylight as it's school holidays here and I took the day off to spend with my son, so now I have the dilemma of whether I try to get out before work on Wednesday or go back to vampire running after dark.

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Well done and don't let the W5R3 get to you... Stick to the programme and you'll be ready for it. :-)

Oh, and jogging is fine, no one's expected to be sprinting!


Keep it up! Your doing great, I would like to say it gets easier but that would be misleading, I guess it does though in the sense that you start to see it's achievable and realise your own ability, just remember to 'Trust in the Plan' especially when doing the gateway run (WK5R3), this plan works, countless runner before us are evidence to that!

Good Luck!


Well done!! I have just blogged about W5 R3 and it honestly wasn't as bad as I built it up to be in my mind!! I much prefer running on a morning as I find I have more energy and am not drained from work. My worst 'runs' (aka jogs) seem to be at night but do whatever works for you. Good luck for your next few runs. :-)


You are doing great! Go slow...speed will build as you build fitness. I graduated from C25K and a 10K program and I'm still not near a 30 minute 5K. ;-) Just try not to get overwhelmed to where you want to quit. This is all very doable!! :-) Gayle


Thanks guys. I'm just off out for run 2 now despite a bad night's sleep and feeling a bit sick today. I hope I'm doing the right thing but I feel like going so fingers crossed it will be ok.


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