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Week 7, run 1

Well, this one was a little bit of a struggle! I think I just have to keep control of my head when I'm running, when I lose focus and start overthinking things I tend to falter. Today I began to panic about the fact that there were only going to be long runs from now on, seriously.... I just need to think about what I'm doing, my breathing, focus Cris, focus!

Once I get past the panic, the run is fine, good even. And when I get to the last minute I even manage to speed up and finish on a high. I just need to sort out the middle bit...

But hey ho, here's to the next run!

P.s. still can't believe I've been doing this for over 6 weeks!

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Yeah, I struggled today too. Oh well, I guess they all can't be great runs. Good luck going forward, I'm only on week four and am already nervous about running consistently without the walking breaks. I'm sure you'll be fine though. :)



Did my w7r1 yesterday. You certainly have to engage your brain to keep going. I found I wasn't out of breathe but it's more a matter of my legs!


I agree - so much of it is mind over matter. I am doing week 7 run 2 today and for the whole time I will be telling myself that I can do it.


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