Well that was fun, been playing badminton tonight, the first time in over 25 years!!

My new gym has loads of classes on offer so what do you do, well you put your name down!!

I haven't played badminton in over 25 years, what was i thinking of!! Coach arrived and came over to explain there would be some circuit training first as a warm up and to get us used to small quick steps, dont worry if you can't keep up just do what you are able. Now i never know if i should be gratefull for the consideration or insulted but at the end of circuit i was one of the few that wasn't out of breath. Oh thank you C25K, you saved me from making a fool of myself.

It turned out that many of the class were beginners so again i didn't do too badly. All things considered it was a very enjoyable 90 minutes, looking forward to next week now.


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11 Replies

  • Oh, how lovely to be one of the fittest! Well done!

    Mmmm badminton - I haven't played that in years either. Mostly because I didn't feel fit enough - so maybe now I could do it?! An interesting thought!

  • Well I'm waving pom poms at this!!

    Doing other stuff apart from running is very important to our general health...so well done, and I hope it becomes one of your 'rest days' !!!

    Why do they call it a 'rest' day when people cross-train?!?

    It's like an 'easy' run.

    well, it's still not 'easy'!!

  • Yes JT it was a rest day today, I only walked into the city shops, 5K around the shops. Came home, had late lunch,did a bit of housework. Then went for another walk down at the beach and did a recce up and over the broadhill to plan a new running route before my badminton class. Nice easy day!!!! Changed days, changed ways, happier overall.

  • Made me smile Oldgirl! Well done for not getting out of breath. Have never played badmington -- is that the game with shuttlecocks?

  • It is that Delia, its not everyone's cup of tea as they say but I always enjoyed it. Had to give it up due to trapped nerves in shoulder and elbow, long since sorted but then we lost the hall we played in so that was it. That is until today, yeh I just love finding out just how well my old body seems to cope with exercises I did in my 20's and 30's which I never would have attempted if it hadn't been for C25K.

  • Yes C25K has been an inspiration to us all. I'm afraid I was bad at all sports -- from netball to lacrosse I was absolutely hopeless. Funny how in my old age I learnt to run again :-D

  • What an inspirational post! You must feel pretty chuffed to be one of the best. I used to love badminton and it is one of my ambitions to be able to do it again. All strength to you!

  • I love playing badminton, glad to hear you have started playing, I am involved with the coaching at the no-strings badminton sessions and hope to be fully qualified next year (something to do on the side). Badminton can be such a good work out and I had been back playing for 3 months before starting couch 2 5k and I think it is why I found the first few weeks really easy.

    Due to the ways things have been at home I have not been able to play for a couple of months but I am looking forward to seeing how my increased fitness through C25K impacts on my game as recently my fitness has become my weakest point.

    Well done!

  • Haha Gary I think my racquet had 'No strings' last night a lot of the time. I'm hoping it will get better, I was never a wonderful player but could always give a good enough game. The main thing was I enjoyed it very much. Hope you get back to it very soon, I had forgotten how sociable it was, very one was very friendly even though I was much older than them. Aaah age is just a number I keep telling myself. :)

  • Well done! That sounds such fun. It made me smile that you were one of the few not out of breath - good on you! I love it when us ahem ...'older' people can surprise others with our fitness. You've also got me thinking of trying badminton - I've not played in about 40 years but used to like it, so must see if I can try it out locally.

  • Yeh jennie hope you get a place to play, I had forgotten how pleasant and much fun it was. Everyone was very friendly too. Good luck

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