Well, now. That WAS fun!

My first parkrun (awwww), and a busy one at that! 437 runners, and I came in at number 346...

However, I now have a benchmark time for 5k at 33:15, which I'm dead chuffed about. I didn't know what the terrain was going to be like, nor how best to position myself in the field. Mind you, the weather couldn't have been better (slightly damp, still, 10 degrees) and it felt a really good run. So much so, I got a bit macho towards the end, and challenged a guy I'd been pacing for the final kilometre to a bit of a sprint over the final 100 metres. Bad move, as he shot off like a startled gazelle, and I was left contemplating my foolhardiness.

Apart from the new socks and the gel inserts in my shoes, I didn't try out my new Aldi kit today. Maybe during the week...


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18 Replies

  • Excellent time for you 1 st parkrun, ! I did a similar sprint race with a guy a few weeks but he sped up when his pals shouted shes catching you ! Made me smile thoughas haven't raced like that since school sports day ! :) well done. .

  • Thanks, aliboo. I was hoping for sub-35, so nearly 2 minutes off that was great.

  • Hey Well done Mr Bird Man ! That is a brilliant time and now you've broke your Park Run Duck - Can you see what I did there ? :-)

    Congratulations , sounds like you had a really good run ! xxx

  • I did have a good run, ta Poppy.

    Now I just have to get rid of this broken Park Run Duck somewhere. Maybe Boris is hungry?

  • Wow - well done there - you have persuaded me back to doing a Park Run :) Brilliant time too - you are going to have to watch that little competitive streak - it will get you into trouble :)

  • Tell me about it! My calves are not best pleased with this morning's shenanigans!

  • Are you following me Runon ? :-D xxx

  • No Poppykins - the posts have got muddled up and are in the wrong order... :) xxx

    PS. OK then - Yes

  • Ha ha , Oh go on, Chase me !!!

    * Poppypug runs off giggling merrily *

    :-D :-D :-D xxx

  • Hey, congrats on your first Park Run. However, most importantly, as it says in your post title - it was FUN. Well done, and I hope to follow suit and run my first Park Run soon. Just for a bit of a laugh, I ran the recent Robin Hood HM and got to about 12.5 miles and decided to put my foot down and increase my speed - I ended up going past some bloke who was cruising along and he said "f***cking show off" to me haha. I was well offended but as it wasnt my intention to show off - it was merely to have a strong finish. Anyways, well done to you again and keep enjoying. M

  • :-) Yeah, it was a case of me speeding up to draw alongside, then him going slightly faster, then me catching him, him speeding up, until I turned to him and said "Come on, then!" and we were off.

  • Wow that is a lot of runners! What a great time and to finish where you did is fantastic. Are you going to go every Saturday? (I spotted someone in a Aldi running top today - that orange is incredibly bright :0) )

  • I don't think I can manage every Saturday, as my wife occasionally has to work weekends and one of us needs to ferry our son to and from his tennis competitions.

    I haven't got one of the Aldi dazzling orange tops, but I do have a violent orange cycling jersey that I occasionally wear to frighten the locals when I go out in the mornings!

  • Oh well done ! Glad it was a good experience for you and a great time !

  • Thanks henpen

  • Brilliant. Thanks for posting. My first Parkrun is in two weeks and I can't wait, although feel a bit scared too!! 437 runners is amazing. I think the Barnsley one is about 150 to 200! Thanks for sharing the experience.... It really helps!

  • Hope you have as good a time as I did. Best of luck!

  • I paraded my new aldi kit at the park run on saturday! Great time by the way I am still longer than that with six runs under my belt :)

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