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Ticked off!

Two months after Tick Bite Prevention Week (and finally with the arrival of summer weather) I got the first tick of the season on my long run on Tuesday. :-(

I found the wee blighter in the skin on my belly, so must have picked it up during one of my pit stops during the run. I found it when back at the car and changing from shorts to trousers. I had put Mosi-guard insect repellent on my legs - since I knew I'd be brushing past knee-high heather and there are plenty of deer around that area - but I didn't think to cover all of me in it!

It was a little nymph so hopefully wasn't infected, but I couldn't get it out with the wee O'Tom Tick remover and grabbed it with tweezers. Four days later the spot seems to be ok.

If you're unaware of tick bites/Lyme Disease see:


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Ewww! :( Sounds horrid. I've seen ticks on my cats before but never had one on me. But then again, I don't often walk or run through long grass. Hope you're ok. x


Had one in the New Forest once, long before i'd started running. Tenacious little beggar he was too.


Thank for this information. I've never had one either, which is surprising as I mainly run through the woods. I'll make a note of these web pages. Hope you're ok x


With working and playing in the outdoors here in the Highlands, I'm picked up several each summer for the past few years. Unfortunately one of the nasty beggars gave me Lyme disease in late summer 2011. Thankfully my local doctor is on the ball re Lyme disease and tested me for this promptly even though I did not have the tell-tale 'bull's eye' rash. :-(


I found another 3 ticks on me yesterday and this after a visit to the coast! Mind you on a previous visit to this stretch of rocky shoreline we saw a roe deer so it's not too surprising. I hate being a tick magnet :-(


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