W5R3 done - 20 mins... chuffed to bits

W5R3 done - 20 mins... chuffed to bits

I can't believe I've come this far. I've actually done 20 minutes of running without needing to walk at all. Laura is right, it's all about the mental challenge. Trust the programme and the work you've put in up until this point and ignore those inner demons!

I am really looking forward to the next 4 weeks now, if I could manage today's run then I feel a million times more confident in my ability to finish the full programme :)

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  • Good for you :) how exciting. Whoop whoop.

    I plan to run the same one tomorrow (as long as the temperature stays in double figures!!!!). I have been quite excited and apprehensive at the same time to get it under my belt.

  • It's an amazing point in the programme that run, congratulations and enjoy the rest of them

  • Well done, finishing W5R3 was my biggest high so far. You know you can do the rest of the programme now! :)

  • I second Phil's comment, after this run you know that you can complete the program. Well done!

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