Wk4 run2 done and dusted :-)


I have a long way to go on my journey back to running - I am 20 years older [now 60] and have to lose 3 stone to reduce the risk of cancer and another mastectomy + lat dorsi reconstruction............. and I am just at the start of that journey. I enjoyed my 2x5 intervals an the 2x3 interals; joyous that despite lugging so much newly acquired weight, I did it - and felt a real sense of achievement.

I found the pattie runs blog quiet amazing.... An inspirational youngster!

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  • Well done. It's a fantastic feeling, isn't it :-) I'm a bit older than you and start week 8 today/tomorrow. If I can do it you can. Slow and steady is the way there.

  • Thanks...... Lycranotlikely :-) and all the best with week 8.

  • Brilliant you! I am on wK 4 R3 just done today, hey we can do this I am 45 and also 3 stone overweight!! Bring it on to a healthier, fitter and trimmer us!

  • We WILL do it Bess :-) Did you check out the Blog for 'Pattie Runs'?

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