W6R1 - Slartibartfast's revenge ?

For 15 years I've been driving around my village and it's been as flat as snooker table in Sheffield and then I start running... Who put all of these inclines in everywhere ? Is this Slartibartfast's recent project ?

The start, stop, start must have some science behind it but I'll be glad when it's over. I find it harder to stop and start again than just to keep on going which is perhaps the idea. Today was fine but at least as hard as the 20 minute run and that's surprising. By the time I got to the last 5 minute run and realised I was running up a slight incline (that wasn't there last month) it was tough.

But I finished and I'm looking forward to longer runs but as someone wise once said "be careful what you wish for, you might just get it".


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  • Ha ha. Do you think Slartibartfast doesn't want us to be runners? Also have you noticed when you are running, you rarely seem to come back down again? You go away from your house and go uphill, so if you go back to your house then there must be a down hill somewhere - surely?

  • Absolutely right Pelephant, like some real life Escher painting I can run from home up hill and continue running up hill until I arrive back home, how does that work ?

  • This made me laugh. I agree with Pelephant about the hills moving around. I run to the next village and back quite often and it's definitely uphill both ways! :-)

  • Yep, I agree, but I don't understand how that works.

  • Great blog, Chewy, made me smile. Same here, there's some weird contour lines round here that change when you're not looking at them. Only 1 interval left, then it's all the epic stuff!

  • That sounds so good, "only 1 interval left", bring on the long runs, my own play list and eventually graduation.

  • I have to say the week 7 music drove me insane so I just kept listening to W6R3. When I used my own playlist I stupidly put fast tracks on and tired myself out keeping with the beat. (I know differently now). Also after W6R3's top moment when Laura tells you you're a runner (sob) (I really did get a bit tearful), you don't hear much from her in the remaining weeks, which feels strange.

  • Yay Chewy, only one more interval run and then you're on the home stretch. Well, that is, until you may decide to extend your running and try the stepping stones podcasts and whatnot ;) But well done on your run. Keep it up - it sounds like you found it easier than I did. (Officially loathe week 6). I agree, interval training is a pain and I prefer to just keep going but with W7R1 looming early tomorrow and having had to teach 2 dance classes today as cover, I'm not sure my legs are up to it!!!

  • Thanks Fraz. I've still got two runs to go so it may be too early to judge week 6 yet but, touch wood, it wasn't as bad as I'd expected.

  • I found this fascinating. Before I started running, I knew that the road into the nearest town was flat. I knew there was a small, short incline but it was negligible. Ha! The road actually swoops up and down like a rollercoaster, and that small short incline is actually the screen double for the north face of the Eiger!

  • Made me chuckle Annie, you're so right.

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