I am overwhelmed!

I am so overwhelmed by everyone's support. Thank you so much for all your comments and for continuing to exercise with me for the next week. I'll be honest; I wasn't sure whether to ask for support, because I know that you've all worked so hard on the 5x50, and carrying on could be a week too far! But I am so glad that I did because today was very difficult and without your support I may well have given up! :O

I think it's the 48 hour thing. You know, when your body aches 48 hours later after strenuous exercise. Well, mine was aching all over this morning following Sundays exercise.

Everything ached, even my wrists! My arms, especially underneath, my shoulders, my chest. My lower back, my thighs. I could go on..!! When I got back this lunchtime I wasn't sure that I would be able to do exercise, because I felt wiped out. I felt that enough was enough.

And then I read everyones comments and was very aware that so many were exercising and supporting me: Well, I couldn't give up now... I had to go out and at least take a walk.

Imagine how I would have felt if I'd given up, after getting this far? Thank goodness I had the company of all you lovely people spurring me on.

So, a 3k walk done. Now I just need to perhaps some abs this evening, or indeed another 2k walk. The fresh air did me good; the wildflowers are still stunning (especially the wild garlic and the bluebells) and I feel happy and relieved that I'm continuing to the end.

Just a week to go and then I can collapse somewhere, quietly, in a heap!!


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25 Replies

  • Ooohhhh TJ your poor tired body needs a rest but it wont be long, you can do it. I was thinking about you this morning while I was trying to keep up with a bunch of slim 18-20 year old students at the gym's Body Pump class, golly I must be mad!!!. Forty minutes later I was sitting on the mat drinking some much needed water. Time to go home? no no no, not this old girl, I would stay for another 40 minutes of BLT class.Yes everyone its now confirmed I am completely batty.

    Keep up the good work TJ, we are right here for you. By the way if the replies are slow so is the site, I've had terrible trouble getting this posted. ;)

  • Oh my goodness it posted it 4 times but have managed to delete the other 3!!!

  • Thank you! The site has been crazy today..a bit like me :O You're right, I just feel my age at the moment. Tomorrow I might be different....

    Oh dear, why are we so batty ?

    I would rather be batty than a lame old bird, I guess!

    I think I've got weary syndome. But hopefully I will fire on all four cylinders very soon!

    Thank you for your efforts to get the reply posted, and in the exercise classes!

  • Well done on getting out there today, Theresa. That shows real determination. Maybe take it easy tho' over the next couple of days and dont push yourself. You're so near the end. It's great being with you on these final days - you are doing me a favour by encouraging me to get out there.

    Today I went for my long run on Hampstead Heath. I did 9.2km, the furthest I've ever run AND I managed to get very near to the top of Parliament HIll and that was running up the steepest side. Well it was more like a crawl really! :)

    So for next Tuesday my aim is 10k - I want to finish with you in style!

  • Thank you. I would like to be able to push myself, but do you know what...I might take your advice; I'm so near the end; 93 days in a row; without a break; I'm tired now, and your run...the furthest ever...that has really spurred me on...thank you so much!

  • Will I be able to post this? Site is really hard to access tonight!

    I ached today too! Hips and pelvis mostly, but a very pleasant 5k walk loosened it up. I discovered a new footpath too, that goes off from the back of the parkrun route, and have found it could make a good long walk loop through the countryside. I heard skylarks and yellowhammers, and saw (and heard) a great spotted woodpecker - gorgeous!

    So I ended up very glad that I was still out there being active. Go gently, but keep it up, Theresa! :)

  • Thank you so much! The site has been really off and on (mostly off ) today...a bit like me really!

    The aching is hard isn't it, because we know it means we're making progress but it also means we need a days rest! So...

    Thank you for doing your walk. At least when we walk we notice the birds and the wildflowers. It also means that my arms can rest: the tennis and the push ups on Sunday mean an additional ache for me.I am a flute player/teacher, so holding my arms up to play has been interesting today!!

  • That sounds hard on the poor arms!

    Hope you have a slightly more relaxing day today - and that the site is behaving itself tonight. :)

  • I am so inspired by you, what you have achieved is incredible....you are amazing, well done :)


  • Thank you :) I think I just have a stubborn streak :O If you keep with this site you will find that there are people to help you along the way, no matter what level you are.

  • Well done for keeping going. My knees are aching now, one is throbbing constantly, but too bad.

    The woods around me are full of wild garlic and bluebells too, had a slow walk through them this evening.

  • My knees were the main problem...until about three weeks ago. So keep them under check. I never did too much running when they ached, I'm now just down to once a week 6k! But I know when I start running more I will be so much stronger!

    The woods are the best for years and years!! I'm so glad that you've got to see them. Thank you for keeping me going! I'm sure today has been tough for us all!

  • The nettles are on their way now though, soon some of paths will be totally overgrown with them.

  • Yes, I thought the same! In another two weeeks (especially if it rains) it'll be game over, for running, in these neck of the woods :(

  • Yes, last year I was running both arms up in the air dancing around to avoid being stung.

  • Take it easy. Do you do yoga at all? Might be an idea at least for tomorrow. I've just written about my run tonight so I've got out there with you too.

  • Thanks for your run and your support Tati. I don't do yoga (I can't bend!) I tried pilates a few weeks back and enjoyed it. Today (Wednesday)I feel a lot better and managed 45 minutes in the gym :)

  • Good morning .TJ hope the aches and pains are not too bad this morning. Seems the pains have disappeared from the web site too all is working fine now.

    Now just a thought but i have a solution to the nettle problem, all you have to do is keep running up and down that section of track, just a couple of dozen times a day will stop them growing!!! ;) Owch there is no need to hurl all that abuse at me folks it was only a thought :) Better go before i lose my legs, have a good day and will think of you while I'm at the gym.

  • Hello Oldgirl..aches and pains are a lot better today, thank you. I did the gym too and just missed out one piece of equipment to save my under arms which are still hurting. It's lovely to have your support :)

  • Go Theresa, go!!!!! We are right behind you and you will be reaching that 100 shortly! You were a great motivator for me to do the challenge so I hope our support in return encourages you to continue on and finish in a glory of fireworks! :-) Now I know why I enjoyed walking so much with the challenge. With two toddlers in tow, its easier to fit walking in then any other form of exercise. I have stretched and did free weights for the past two days though. Keep going Theresa, you're doing amazing! :-) Gayle

  • Thank you Gayle! :) It's lovely to get so much encourage :) Only 6 days to go now, and a few things planned, like a swim with a friend tomorrow and a tennis lesson on Sunday, and a long run on Friday or Saturday...I mustn't neglect the running! :)

  • *encouragement

  • Just got in from two hail showers. Got a bad cough that made a 20 minute run nearly impossible. Done 8 and a half today. I don't know how you have kept it up all this time.

    This must be day 53 for me and I think I need tomorrow off. :(

  • If you have a bad cough I would definitely recommend having a day off; at least a day actually. I have been so lucky with my health and haven't had any colds or anything during the challenge; things would have been very different if I had. Take care x

  • Bah, stupid site swallowed my last reply.

    Good advice.

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