Couch to 5K

I think I am becoming addicted

I'm nearing the end of week three and even though I ran yesterday, and I know that you really should leave a day for recovery between runs, I am considering going out again tonight.. Why? Because I want to tackle week four - because I've turned into that kind of person.

The Couch to 5K programme has surprised me in so many way - and to be honest if it hadn't kept surprising me I doubt I would still be doing it..

For a start it came as a shock to realise just how unfit I was. I couldn't get through the first day of week one - I skipped one of the runs and nearly threw up. To be fair I found out a few days later I was pregnant which put the running on hold for a year.

Pregnancy plays havoc with both your hormones and internal organs. As the pregnancy progressed I felt fatter and unfitter than ever before - and I was frustrated that I couldn't really do anything about it. I kept the Couch to 5K programme in mind for the day I could get out and exercise on my own.

Running is a good solution for me - I live near a usually-deserted park, I have the equipment already, I don't have to use change rooms, I don't have to pay any fees, I'm only out of the house for a total of 30ish minutes, and because I'm out of the house I can't be interrupted by questions about washing/underwear/formula etc..

So I started and it has gone well. So well I feel a teeny bit evangelical about running and the C25K programme - and that's why I think I want to speed things up a bit. It's one thing to bore friends with my new-found love of exercise, but it becomes ridiculous when I have to admit I'm only on week three of nine.

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Run when you feel like it:) It's supposed to be fun. I have 2 days off at the weekend, although, strictly speaking, I guess we're only supposed to have one since the programme is designed for alternate days. Believe me, the weeks will begin to go faster and soon it will feel as if you want them to slow down, especially when Laura says you're going to run for 10 or 20 minutes, and those runs will soon come around, I promise :) Make the programme fit your lifestyle, just make sure you don't overdo it. Enjoy your running :)


I know, I know - I've got to calm down!

I was so surprised I managed 3 minutes (which sounds ridiculous!) that I'm looking forward to the challenge of 5 - and I trust Laura will get me to longer and longer runs each week.. It just all feels so exciting!


Hi, Wayfarer...a caution on running back-to-back runs. The alternate day running programme gives your body, and you mind, time to repair itself. It's all about stress/repair/stress/repair. If nothing is hurting right now, you are probably still good to go, but a slight twinge can be an early warning signal to take a day off. If your body starts talking to you, listen...carefully.

Have fun, and good running to you......


Thank you! I'm really surprised that nothing is hurting - my problem seems to be aerobic fitness (is that right?! My muscles don't hurt, it the breathing that's the main problem)..

But I am going to leave it - I would HATE to have an injury at this early stage..


Hi there. I'm at exactly the same stage as you are - completed w3r3 yesterday ??

I must admit that I was so excited about w4( hold on. Excited about running???!! You bet!) that I wanted to skip my rest day and get out there today.... Even in pouring rain. I went as far as putting on my gear when I remembered Laura saying how important it is to have a rest day and I figured she is saying this for a v good reason. I did not go for the run but instead I've set my alarm an hour earlier tomorrow (complete with running gear all laid out ready).

I can't believe the change in myself and I suspect it's the same for you too!

Hope we both still feel the same after the 5 mins run (gulp!)

Good luck and keep motivated.


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