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Wk 1 run 1

Well that was not as gruesome as i thought it would be. Will have to get used to looking like a very large raspberry though...what is it with red heads we cant cry or exercise without becoming a beacon that aircraft can see! Recovered really quickly, all in all am wondering when the pain is going to hit...think my body is numb with shock after running for the first time in 30 years.

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Welcome and best of luck for the start of your journey. We're all behind you willing you on. This is a great place to look for help and support. I'm just about to finish week 2 and have actually started to enjoy it - that's a surprise!


Congratulation Revfi ... the first step has been made :)

And it's not just red heads who look like raspberries .. mousey / grey do too :)

Happy running.


Revfi, welcome! I totally sympathise with you on the going red.... I'm blonde but go a rather fetching shade of red. I have drawn comments on the shade from members of the public. But I shrug my shoulders and think. I'm out here doing it.... Can they say the same?!

As for the pain, it's great you don't have any. If you do get some though here are some tips...

I did get tightness in my calves the first couple weeks but that's settled now. And i make sure to stretch out before and after outings..... I do also get tightness in my thigh muscles afterwards. Not so much it bothers me but I make sure that after my shower I massage my moisturiser in to the muscles with heel of my palm.. Really focus on where you feel any pain and then it's fine...

I've just finished week 5 and can honestly say.... I'm enjoying it too!

So here's to week 1 run 2



Great stuff. Well done. Welcome to the wonderful world of Couch25K enjoy! :-D


Well done Revfi, the ice is broken :-) and the great journey back to fitness has begun.......... From another red faced jogger four weeks into the programme, and loving it.


Revfi, you are now a runner ~ congratulations!

Back in the early 16th century,when I still had hair, I too was red-headed, and I know just what you are referring to ~ rest assured though, as you get further through one of two things will happen; you will either get used to being the proverbial raspberry [and you won't care as you tear past others], or it will stop. Personally I found that as I got fitter (cycling then running) it stopped and I settled down to a rather fetching 'pinkyness followed by brown as I weathered, and not the bright red it used to be.

Good luck with the programme. Keep us up-to-date on your progress.


Thanks for all your comments and I have a couple of twinges in areas I had no idea existed...the good news is that my left knee which is in a mess with acl rupture and cartiledge tears is ok, just a little stiff. I have promised myself that if I stick to this running I will speak to my GP about finally getting the knee sorted.


HI! I am a red headed beetroot/radish/raspberry faced, almost 50 year old c25k runner, so welcome! I feel extra attractive when the sweat drips down into my eyes making them stream along with my nose (hayfever) so have hands and pockets full of soggy tissues by the end of my runs! :-(

But C25K is the best thing I have ever done; I feel fitter and healthier than I have for the last 18 years and I love it, aching knees and hips and all! I got up off the couch to come to daughters like a 90 year old today, but I am happy as I know it's because I have been out there running! :-)

I even ventured out and bought some 3/4 length lycra running leggings today, so may brave getting the white calves out soon as todays run was really quite warm! Will examine all angles in the mirror first as don't want to shock the public too much! ;-)


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