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Week 1, Run 1 (Again)

Week 1, Run 1 (Again)

In the words of the rapper Eminem “Guess whose back, back again”

So, for those who weren’t around at the time, I graduated the C25K plan last December and for various reasons (excuses?!?) I stopped dead!

Now looking back, I’m disappointed with myself and some of the excuses I gave myself (below)

1.It was winter!

2.It snowed (lots)!

3.I needed to find a structure to work to after the plan!


5.I started a new job, with an hour’s commute

I could go on but it would be pointless. The past is the past and it’s time for me to get my running shoes back on and start pounding the streets again.

Today was that day! Plus I have a massive incentive to keep at the programme this time, as since I was last here I have got engaged and get married in 18 months time!

Getting back to the here and now and because of my new job, I’ve had to re-plan my morning routine – ALOT!. So I set my alarm for 5.30am! As soon as I wake up I have to put a music channel on otherwise I tend to fall back asleep, so with Maroon 5, Moves Like Jagger on in the background, I got my sorry ass out of bed and into my kit – The first hurdle was complete.

By 6am I was out the door and on my way. I remember starting this week back in September last year and I recall finding it really hard and that each minute felt like a lifetime. This time however I didn’t find it as bad. So despite putting all the weight I lost back on, it seems I’ve retained a little of the fitness. Now don’t get me wrong, I could not even contemplate running for 30 mins (or even 10 mins) at the moment but I’ll take each positive that there is. I’ve done it before, so I know I can do it again :-)

There’s no denying, that my legs wondered what the hell was going on but after my injury issues last time I completed this, I made sure I had a good stretch at the end.

This morning I weighed myself and I am 95kg (of which I am ashamed) but I am 5’7 so people always say I don’t look that big. I’ll measure myself tonight to get my starting stats and update each week.

I’m next running on Wednesday but the difference this time is I plan to do alternative exercise on my rest days, such a strength training.

It’s good to be back and the buzz I got after completing today was great and set me up for the rest of the day. I realised I missed that feeling of satisfaction.

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Welcome back! :-) We all have life get in the way from time to time and it sounds like you've been busy! Congratulations on the engagement!! :-) So happy you're back Clare, you will breeze right through C25K this time! :-) Gayle


Aww Thanks Gayle, it's good to be back! Now I'm settled in my new job which I started 8 weeks ago, it means I can focus on starting again and keeping at it :-)


Hi Clare,

I wondered what happened to you as we graduated around the same time (you had that piri something injury that I remember set you back). I was off running a lot of the winter as well - one bad cold, one flu (despite having the jab) and a ton of ice and snow put me off for 2-3 weeks at a time. Every time I'd do a comeback run something new hit me! However, since late Feb or so I've been OK and back out there - even did the 5x50 you'll see people here talking about.

Big congrats on your engagement and it's great to see you back with us. You'll whizz through the 9 weeks this time I'm sure :-)



Thanks Ann, it's taken me a while to be able to let my life settle down but now that it has, I'll keep at it.

One things for sure, Winter isn't going to beat me this year :-)


Welcome back Clare! I have often wondered how you were doing...well now I know!!

There have been a few lapsed graduates returning to the forum recently so you are certainty not alone. Well done on having the courage to get back out there!

Congratulations to on your engagement and what an incentive to keep going! :)

You will be absolutely fine re-doing the program and will find it much easier I'm sure.

Happy running !

Sue :)


Thanks Sue, I've been saying for weeks that I was going to restart but yesterday I was just determined ! I can tell you, my legs feel it today :-)

Coming back to the forum was a big step but blogging about it last time helped :-)

Clare :-)


Looks like you are in the same boat as me, same weight, same height, new job etc etc lol. But I started for the first time yesterday and looks like found it harder than you did. Well good luck and hope you complete it this time :), I certain will try to.


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