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Week 7 R2. It's hot in a hat!

Wearing my new gear (running hat and runner's bum bag) I felt quite the trendy runner this morning as I passed _several_ dog walkers. I was very hot in no time and had to take my running jacket off and tie it round my waist ...whilst still running! That's real multitasking for someone who's never run for almost 60 years!

The run went fine once I'd convinced myself that I didn't need the loo, hadn't eaten so couldn't be feeling sick and that wasn't someone I knew that I passed walking her dog (turned out it was so glad I had my trendy kit on!)

The bonus was that I ran at least 100 yards further today than I've run before in 25 minutes so I guess a hat and a bum bag must be doing me good.

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:-) You sound rather lovely for your run! :-) A suggestion from I believe oldgirl? Keep running and only partially unzip the jacket and slowly remove one arm at a time...jacket will slide down and you can tie the arms at the waist. Duel purpose, you keep running and with it partially zipped, you don't have the bottom of the jacket flopping about. :-) You're doing amazing! :-) Gayle


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