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Week 5 Run 3 20 Minutes Run again :-) Did this run about 6 weeks ago and thought I was going to die, my lungs were going to explode. It was still hard today but easier than it was before, which makes me feel so pleased, after not being able to run for 5 weeks.

I use Endomondo for knowing how far I have ran, and it told me I had ran 2km but on the Endomondo screen it said 2km in 14minutes although I was running with Laura for 20 minutes and I know Endomondo started when I started running. So now not sure how far I ran in what time. :-/

Anyway looking forward to week 6 and the ankle seems OK.

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Well done! It's a fantastic achievement getting through that run and now you've done it twice! Good luck with Week 6. :)


Thanks Pam :-)


Good to hear you're back! Good luck with the rest of the programme :D


Thanks Helen


That's brilliant news and congrats. I am due to do W5 R3 on Wednesday and am nervous over it but as I told my boyfriend the program is quite well structured and the prof is within this community that it works.So thank you for posting its very encouraging.


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