W7R1 Grrrrrrrrrr!!

Well I've done it!

I tried this run yesterday and failed miserably! I managed 10 minutes before I caved, then another 5.

I decided to start again from the warm up walk and managed 20 mins before I gat jumped on by someones excited dog. (Not scarey just over friendly.)

Anyway I started again and managed to run home.

Was a bit fed up about that and was not feeling as confident about running as I was this time last week, but I went out this morning and did it ...just!

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  • WELL DONE for finishing! I got tripped by loose dogs this morning. Really throws you doesn't it?

  • Yes but I don't really mind. Our old railway lines have been made into a lovely bridlepath so it could have been worse...a horse or some speeding bike!

  • I ran out of distance on my old railway line. I have a new run now - along the riverbank. I love it!

  • I couldn't complete the first one, wimped out with a minute to go, but have done 2, very slowly, without stopping since. It's a big step-up isn't it? I am reassured that it will get easier with practice, ....a bit...... eventually!

  • ...hopefuly :-)

  • I completed week 7 run 2 today. Glad to read your comments as I found myself really struggling today. Did manage to finish but definitely mind over matter. I am hoping it will get easier (please...).

  • Not sure...I'm off out for run 2 soon. Keeping my fingers crossed.

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