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Running Again!

Went out tonight for the second run in 5 weeks due to pulled tendons/ligaments. Decided to do week 5 run 2, and it went really well. Found the first 8 mins relatively easy, second run not quite so easy as had a long steady incline, but managed it and even ran for about 1 extra minute.

Have bought a brace for my ankle as its not the first time I've had this injury, last time I did it I was playing netball and was out for 3 months. So not taking any more chances, I've obviously got a weakness and the brace worked really well tonight, hopefully tomorrow the ankle will be Ok and not painful, then onto the 20 minute run on Friday. I've done it before as I was on Week 6 Run 2 when the ankle injury happened.

Wish me luck and hopefully from now on all will be fine, as I have the Race for Life in Bath on 16 June!

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Good luck! Well done!


good luck with the 20mins

All being well I've got my 20 min demon run on Sunday too - although I had to quit just before this run last year too due to achilles pain & I daren't get back on at W5 so started out all over again.


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