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W5R1 - ha ha ha - I laughed in your face and defeated you

well that's another run ticked off my list... and do you know what? It wasn't really all that bad.

what's odd is that straight after each running section I start the walk and my shins tense & ankles start to hurt for the first 200yards of quick walking, yet they were fine in the runs, but I managed to walk them off & was ready to run again after the 3 mins...

And as Laura said the recovery is getting quicker and easier.... so I AM GETTING FITTER ..... yeah if you say so .....

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Well done! :)


Great news! I just ticked off week 4 this morning so I've got this to "look forward to" on Saturday. Hope I can take it in my stride just like you did!

Wondering if the ankle ache is just increased blood flow as you slow down?


could be the blood flow - a warm bath and plenty of stretching seems to have done the trick overnight - no aches this moring :)


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