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Goodbye Laura, this is the start of my 'Mumback' :) :) :)

Goodbye Laura, this is the start of my 'Mumback' :) :) :)

I've done it! I've been and gone and graduated! I feel so good I think I could have run over the top of the world let alone feel on top of the world. I struggled to believe back in February when I started the programme that I would be able to run for half an hour but yes, all you lovely people and the super voice that is Laura were right and I have done it!

I've had a couple of weeks of setbacks (kidney infection, caused apparently from running :\, holiday, work and toddler, funeral and general life) so it has actually taken 15 weeks not 9 to complete but now that I have done it, I realise that it really dosen't matter how long it takes as long as you get there.

I can't claim to be losing weight yet but that is due to not being able to get healthy eating head back on (lost 2 stone last year) but my body has without doubt changed shape and some lumps and bumps I really didnt want are fast melting away and oh my goodness I feel so much healthier, less reliant on my inhalers and generally feel like I have bigger lungs, better appetite, healthier skin and much better frame of mind for sleeping. The best thing has to be that my niggling knee pain has now almost disappeared, so much so that I have ditched the knee supports for running (not a good look on chunky legs clad in running tights) and can even manage to wears heels for a whole day at work without being in pain. I am staging my 'Mumback' with a great big grin.

So my graduation run was great, not easy but I did push myself to get a really big sense of achievement and so managed to break the 4k mark as well for the first time. The rain stayed away and there was just a gentle breeze to keep me cool. I followed my usual track down to the river and back up and then at the end, as a tribute to me, I ran as fast I could around the back streets that I had plodded along for the first two weeks again with a great big grin. Then I was running after dark and in black clothes away from street lights with a hat pulled over my head (nooooo dont stop and say hello you really dont know me) this time I was in my 'proper' running gear, loud and proud :)

So I am sticking with the C25K mantra 'Slow and Steady' (thanks Greenlegs, best mantra ever, you can even say it when out of breath) and my goal now is to reach that 5k in half an hour with my own tunes. (I am a stickler for doing things right to the very end so made myself listen to the podcasts until I graduated,) and still run 3 times a week.

THANK YOU, THANK YOU THANK YOU Laura and all you lovely c25kers who have commented on my blogs and imparted words of wisdom through the posts that have really seen me through. This I am sure is what has given me the push to suceed and I hope to be able to do the same to those working their way through the programme! I'll still enjoy potatoing on the couch but my new best friend is definately running and I am so glad I met her (or him) :)

Happy running everyone :)

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Fantastic achievement, very well done... I love that transition from 'disguised in the dark' to loud and proud in our running gear... Enjoy the feeling and what comes next, you'll make that 30 min 5k...! All the best Kate :-D


Many congratulations and well done! :D Juggling your busy family life, job, life's hiccups AND running etc etc... BLOOMING AMAZING! Enjoy your graduation, party a little if you have time, and keep on running. Best wishes with everything! Linda x


Congratulations!! I'll also be completing the NHS C25k at the end of the week and I totally get the running gear thing! Thank you for sharing your story on this blog - it is really inspirational. :-)


Congratulations on your graduation! That's a great blog as well, i love the transition and the running as fast as you could round the back streets you'd previously plodded round :) Enjoy your running and your mumback - fab!


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