Thank you Laura and the team

I have just completed run 9 week 3 so I think I have graduated. Probably not the conventional way ie running in a figure of 8 between the living room and lounge in socks and holding down the boobs but it worked for me. Managed to get thru the sore legs and achy bum cheeks. I dont think I managed 5k (bit hard to measure the distance) but the aim was always to run for 30 minutes and I can now do that. Will be carrying on with the running and now hoping to build on stamina and speed. So thanks again to the team xx


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12 Replies

  • Unconventional or what? Well done You! I hope you manage - eventually - to get out into the garden too. Lovely image of you dashing around holding your appendages safely! Can't imagine how you could get up any speed though.

  • Not ventured out yet. With regards to speed, my son did time me and I appeared to be doing at least 150 bpm so I thought that was ok

  • Yes it is ok! At the end of the day keeping going for the required length of time is what we are all about. I just had visions of you running flat out like a whirling dervish sending all the ornaments and stuff flying into the corners of the room! Hope you keep at it - and posting! Have fun!

  • OMG! Wow! I started off running around the livingroom and then went out into the wider world (where I live anyway!) to start C25K. Hope you get outside and enjoy the freedom running makes me feel xx

  • thats amazing and made me chuckle, hats off to you, awesome achievement, the figure of 8 whirl graduation !

  • If you have followed the programme and got up to running the 30 mins that's graduating, WELL DONE . It sounds quite hard doing it indoors though. Just out of interest why did you choose to do it that way ?

  • Wow definitely unconventional but whoop whoop you did it.

    Erm now go buy a sports bra and save those boobies even if you do stick to indoor running for a while.

    Hope you can brave the big wide world soon.

    Anyway a massive well done

  • Whoo hoo! Done is done! My first run was indoors. Might have kept it up if the fkat were bigger!

  • That's fantastic, well done and I am so impressed that you had the determination to keep at it indoors.

    Someone has just posted ( a few posts above yours) about not being able to get time to run and I suggested running indoors. Didn't know there were current runners doing just that. Maybe you could let her know how it worked for you?

  • Thanks for your support. I did start in the kitchen running on the spot but that did not work so then progressed running between the kitchen, hall and lounge but this got complicated so moved the furniture and rugs and found the lounge and hall was better. Once I feel a bit more confident that I can run and be classed as a runner, lose some of this 3 stone (very overweight), invest in the best running bra (still trying to choose) for a larger lady and get some running shoes I will venture out

  • Congratulations on graduating and full marks for the way you accomplished it :) Not heard of it being done that way before but it's running and it all counts. Well done :)

  • Well done Couscha, never mind your grad badge . I think there should be a medal struck for perseverance & ingenuity for runners like you , who have finished c25k in their own inimitable fashion!!

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