Started ~ at last!

Started ~ at last!

We have finally started! After months of 'let's start this week' only for something to crop up, we ventured out last night. Our son disappeared on a brief 5k(ish) run as we puffed and panted our way on a different route.

Both sets of legs feel OK, but I am surprised at how unfit I am considering I cycle (MTB and road) on a very regular basis on Dartmoor. It just shows which muscle groups are used for which discipline.

Rest day today and then out again for tomorrow for W1R2.


Almost is 10 years to the day since I had surgery for Testicular Cancer ~ my 5k, 10k and eventual half and full marathon will be part used to raise money for non animal cancer research and the rest for an African Charity named Facing Africa and other environmental charities.


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10 Replies

  • Good luck sallycyle! It's a great programme to 5k - hope you enjoy the progress as much as many of us have . :)

  • Thanks. I'm sure we will get through it ~ not feeling too bad at all, so I shall go for a ride later ~ if it's not raining too much!!

  • Hallo Sallycycle,

    I just did my first run today, this morning, week 1 r1; I made it with a lot of effort. Coming home I had to Change directly to get rid of the accumelated heat in my body. I felt a bit sick, but had then lots of water to drink. Running in the fresh air, though on an even path, was quite tiring. I needed a good 3/4 hour to relax but now I am feeling fine. As you see my Picture it is the perfect couch potato with overweight.- Hope that I develop the Stamina to stay at it.


  • Hi Flower-arranger, thanks for the message. Love the pic!

    I'm assuming that after the run you were, ahem, 'dog-tired'. Sorry!

  • Hallo Sallycycle,

    dog came home tired , just riding the bycicle home. But I cooked in the time of Relaxation potatoes for my potato salad (with vinegar, no oil, but herbs an a bit of salt and mustard in the dressing). To make the salad nice I add chops of green Asparagus and some chopped Courgette.- I try to make my life a bit greener, some sort of environmentalist (hihi!) Flower-arranger

  • Not only a runner, but a chef too! Is there no end to your skills?

    I'm almost too ashamed to say this, but we were in a hurry when we all got back, so it was a pizza with some (oven) chips which our son cooked for us. We did manage a huge amount of salad as well though.

    We will trawl through the runners cook books/websites and adjust our diet accordingly ~ I feel justly rebuked!

  • Don't worry, when I am exhausted from work I often rade the fridge without thinking, just to get something tasty into my stomach.- Are the runners cookbook Websites , also from the ? I hate when I have to invest lots of time in complicated recepies when I am hungry. Then I would like to see my plate filled! Sometimes I prepare for my self a big bowl of Food and serve my self from it when I need it. Flower-arranger

    Ps. I read once a tip for exhausted parents to have always a prepared Sandwich in the fridge to eat from it when exhaustion is close.

  • I tend to trawl web sites for recipes or look in book shops for decent ideas. There may be some things on the C25K UK site, I don't know.

    I like the idea of a sandwich in the fridge. The trouble now is that our son would just find it after a hard rowing session and wouldn't think to replace it! That's a 14 year old for you.

    On the subject of food, I find it best to eat what is in season and not try to get things that are not growing at that time of year. Also, we try to buy from local growers as much as possible.

  • I also tend to trawl web sites for fast Information on specific recepies.- And I definitely understand your son! At that age I did not replenish the things I have taken.- But our father got us so far to write on a list what we have taken out of the storage room, to get it newly bought again.- I have a bad shopping behaviour, as I shop for compared prices, what is on offer, mainly the cheapest from Europe. Sometimes I also buy overseas food. But I couldn't get the habit just to live of carrots, turnips, cabbage and potatoes in winter. The Food in Germany is quite limited by nature's terms in that season. But as soon as spring arrives our shelves are filling up again. And I am too lazy to cook preserves. I like the green ideas, but I am not environmentaly friendly living as I go along. Under this I would understand not to create rubbish anymore and not to produce CO² overduly and other climate killers.- Flower-arranger

  • Hallo Sallycycle, after I shocked you to death with my attitude, I try to pick up the writing to you again. I just came home from my second run 1st week. We had a rainy day today and in the beginning I thought I skip it, but in the end I thought I do it now and overcame the lazybones in me. - How are you? were you out running yesterday already as you liked to do it? Love to hear from you, even if I seem to be sometimes ignorant.- Flower-arranger

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