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Some advice for a newbie please

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Hi all - I have just started the programme (W1R2) and am aware we need to have a days rest in between runs. However I am used to exercising every day (I normally walk 4 to 5k on the treadmill each morning before work). I enjoy walking but really want to be able to run, hence joining the programme. I have done both runs outside (challenging!) but on my rest day’s feel I should do something and was hoping to do my usual walk. Would this be considered low impact? What do others do? Sorry for the long post! Thanks 😊

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I think walking counts as low impact. I do it on rest days, as well as on top of running on my run days. Perhaps walking outside might be lower impact than a treadmill if you are worried? (It always feels that way to me, but maybe that’s just me.)

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Walking is fine. If not I'd be in trouble as I walk anything up to 9 miles at work! 🤣👍

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Thank you both - good to hear, I will keep up the walking on my rest days. I use the treadmill for convenience, I work for a leisure centre with a gym - be daft not to use it! I alternate between the treadmill and outside 😊

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I don’t know if your gym has one or not, but another great low impact option is using a StairMaster. My spine couldn’t take impact of any sort for many years, but I still found I could keep fit using a StairMaster.

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JacquiAMGraduate in reply to mountaindreamer

Yes, it does - good idea, I’ll check it out... thank you!

It’s certainly advisable to do low impact exercises on your running rest days. Walking is definitely in that category as is cross training, swimming and a whole host of stuff. You might find that some lunges and squats help to build strength in your legs, and core work is good too for runners. I usually workout at the gym on my non-running days and will include upper body exercises too, as I wanted to get rid of my dinner lady arms. 😂

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JacquiAMGraduate in reply to Razouski

Good idea! Maybe that’s what I need to do - target my bingo wings 😂. Thanks for responding.

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Check this out..lots of advice there...

Walking, cycling, swimming, Yoga Pilates, climbing... or even a days gardening or a blitz on the housework.. all great rest day exercise:)

I walk miles on my rest days:) with small runner in training:)

Welcome to you...and, the occasional day when you do actually rest is fine too:) Be kind to that body:)

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JacquiAMGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

Thank you! I’ll check out the link 😊

There are lots of wise and experienced heads here, and their advice is good. There is a reason why 48 hours between runs is recommended to new or returning runners - the running action stimulates muscle and blood-supply in the legs by micro-tears. These need time to heal - it's the healing of these that improves the legs.

It's worth reflecting that the human body evolved to run, it's only in the last 20,000 years or so that we have sat down, so as to speak. We became top-predator by being able to run, and run, and run.

Hi. I am running 65 and have never run my self. Thought I walk 4/5 km a day. Can I start running? Kindly advise.

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