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Been at a conference and had withdrawls so it felt so good to get back to my running today and some normality.

Me and the lad ( my beautiful 11 year old, Leon) have been doing stamina for a while now and blimey its still so HARD!!! I still have death moments and the gremlins are all there, but boy I do just love it so. I so want to get to 10k but I want Laura not that American lady ( although I'm sure she's delightful)!! I bought my lad a Garmin as a huge treat for doing well, and working hard in prep for his sats. He so loves it, and today he did 6k in 35 minutes, compared to my 5.5.

I would love to be like those people you see jogging and not like beetroots or on deaths door....does that ever happen?????? In preparation I have just bought some gorgeous shorts and vest for the summer months ;)

Happy running everyone

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Very best wishes to Leon for his sats - hope they all go really smoothly for him. Fingers crossed for this week. I had a big grin on my face when I read you'd got him a Garmin - you lovely mum!

You're both running so well. :) I bet he loves being faster! :D


Thank you so much Greenlegs and yes he loves being faster but he's so sweet and sprints back to me and then runs off again in a cloud of dust! He is SOO made up with his Garmin it's really given him a focus. X


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