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5*50 challenge - what should I record for 1 hour exercise class?

Every week I do an hour long exercise class. Its roughly half hour cardio, half hour strength & flex type exercises. I recorded it on the 5*50 challenge site as 5km (and label half hour class as nearest decription). Should it be 10k as hour long?

It doesnt seem fair somehow calling it 10k as I certainly cant run 10k and its not the same level of effort. I'm thinking of adding a zumba class to my activities which is also an hour long,so could affect totals quite a bit.

Just thought I should get a team view on what we do with hour long classes.

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I know what you mean about it not quite seeming fair - I don't think I'd want to record more than 5k for an alternative activity, that's less strenuous, but I'm not that bothered if others do.

On the other hand, today I ran just 2.77k, through a wood with lots of trip hazards and it took me 30 minutes of very hard work! That seemed worth more than 2.77k!

I think I'd prefer it to be time-based rather than distance-based really, but I know the original idea was based on the 5k (maybe thinking along the 5-a-day lines?)


I'm faced with the same quandry... I swam for 1 full hour today, did 80 lengths which came to the grand total of "just" 2km. So what do I put... 2 km, 5 km or a "sneaky" 10 km (2 x 30 minutes alternative exercise)?

I agree with greenlegs... would have been far easier just time-based as there are so many variables....

Any ideas?


I think swimming for 1 hour is definitely worth 10k! Well done.


OK, I'll sneakily add the other 5 km to today's total. Helps with our team's total in any case. :-)


Because they list 30 minute exercise class or half hours swim as an equivalent to 5k it would suggest that an hours exercise class or swim should be 10k. I would say that it usually takes a lot more 'effort' to do an hours swim or structured exercise class compared to walking, and therefore deserves the 10k log.

So to answer your question Jennie, I would log 2x30 minute exercise (ie 10k)


I walked 2.5k to the pub with my recuperating hubby and 2.5k back at a gentle pace and logged 5k without a qualm but struggled with my conscience to put 5k down for my 30 minute swim which needed a lot more effort (and without a glass of wine in the middle of it!).

I think as long as we are all doing the same thing, it's not a problem. So are we agreed - each 30 minutes of 'something else' should be recorded as 5K?


Agreed!! See my comment below....



Thanks all, for the feedback. This is so hard. I keep changing my mind. I think what I'll do is record the hour long class as 10k as it is quite energetic. I think for me that gets balanced out by my walking which I'm doing as much as poss uphill (and feeling the effects!). Anyone disagrees let me know. J


Hi Jennie

I emailed Simon at 5x50 regarding this and got a reply this morning to say record 60 mins as 10k, it is all kosher! Hope that eases your conscience! :) I did a 1hr 20mins dvd at the weekend and recorded feeling it today thats for sure! :O



Thanks Sue that's really helpful. It does ease my conscience!. Well done re the 1hr 20 mins - that is impressive!


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