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Phew.........I survived!

Done w1r1 ...............

I signed up for the race for life this year so thought I'd better try and get moving, ha, ha. I did the race about 8 years ago when I was about 2 stone lighter (a bit younger) and somewhat more agile. Unfortunately I was diagnosed a couple of years ago with an under active thyroid after concerns about my weight gain and general lack of umph but have recently lost about a stone so at least things are on the right track. I turned 50 last year and hated being "50 & fat" so decided enough is enough.

I went out for run 1 early this morning, just about managed it except for one 60 second bit about half way through where I just did about 15 seconds and realised that it was not going to happen. My main problem is that I feel uncoordinated and am "loll oping" about all over the place - I can't find any rhythm or comfort zone, does it come later?

It took just about all my concentration to stop going A over T into the ditch than runs alongside the pathway............

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Hang in there, keep going you are doing really well, it will get better...honestly, Julia x


Well done for getting out and making a start and congratulations on the weight loss! I couldn't finish one of the wk2 runs when I started so don't let that worry you!

You will eventually find your own rhythm as you progress. Just make sure you don't try too hard - short, small steps, nice and slow (slow and steady is our motto!) and keep your head up looking forward. Before you know it, you'll be settling in to a steady, even pace.

Good luck for run 2!


Many thanks for all your encouragement, it's now later in the day and I'm noticing sone slight aches etc........but at least I didn't conk out half way through it, I did say to my other half " don't stray too far from the phone - I may need you to come and take me home in the wheelbarrow"

His reply " I know I'll find you, I'll just look for your trainers sticking up out of the ditch" !!!!!!!


You will get there, I think everyone struggles with the rhythm thing, especially when Laura try's to help in week 2 or 3, eventually it drops into place, but for me it took a while.

Don't worry too much and just enjoy the feeling that your doing something :-)


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